Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

Should I write here? Well… the time has come.

With many things happening… I have bought a new phone and decided to don’t install Empires again. I’ll use this thread opportunity to say I had a good, really good time around more than anything.

I’ll also apologize for many screams I’ve did around this forum. Lol, I only wanted the better for us. :slight_smile:

I always were a very active player. I have a lot of love for my heroes. I’ve never spent much but after telly fiasco I went almost f2p. And then the recent price double in my country…(Have prices changed? (see link for affected countries) -- Staff Response Post #34)… huge disappointment made me fully f2p and that’s ok. I had a bunch of heroes to level before pulling any others.

Then HOTMs (best source of power for C2P) after telluria were all kinda weak. So… well.

Then ninjas were released, s3 heroes were even more buffed. The raids/wars against ninja dodging everything really made me feel inside another game. Not mentioning minion flooding and some other crazy combos.

I know strong heroes are cool but based on my circumstances, I felt like I don’t belong there anymore. I’ve seen myself only praying for good boards and all the strategies that I’ve loved to do were over. Many doesnt work anymore and I really wont spend to catch newer heroes just because they made all mine obsolete.

No hards feelings. I know that’s how pay to win games work. I wont mention names but I’ve been in two alliances my entire live and they were amazing.

They all started collecting s3 heroes, ninjas and were using them alongside other quality older heroes and honestly, I was falling behind. I was feeling too weak for my alliance. My war scores were terrible. How could I hold against those defenses being a f2p?.. truth being said I wasn’t suitable anymore for avid playing. Even I wanted to buy things, it got really, REALLY expensive in my country. It’s unreal. Not even PS4 DLCs are those prices. 400 gems for a weekly meal price? Ouch. Not even 2 pulls and honestly, the offers didn’t help even a bit.

I’ve never felt envy or angry. But I didn’t wanted to keep this because I was feeling too weak, useless, poor and helpless. Not what a game should provide us. I could just drop to a weaker alliance? Yes. But I was there since forever and being out for money is really sad.

I’ve played for years so the map stages are kinda boring now. I’ve did all events at least twice or three times… my scores were good but oh… it got tiring. Ninja tower gameplay and rewards? Not gonna even mention bc it’s just my tired lady opinion.

I will always keep my girls within my heart, lianna, vivica, Ariel, kadilen, Vela… also sorry Glenda for not fully maxing you… I was really happy in pulling you. My fav boys, Azlar, Miki, Drake, Bjorn, Mirewive, Jackal, Falcon and Wilbur… I had lots of fun with you too :heart:

Im sorry for such a long goodbye text that nobody asked for but I wish you all the best. I’m terribly sad to go but I feel it’s the time. Not gonna show my in game statists or names or alliance because I really don’t want any drama. I’m too emotional for goodbyes.

Thank you for everything in this forum. It’s really complete and full of info.

I was a level 71, almost 4700 DEF team that I’ll never forget. :heart:

I’ll let a screenshot put of some I’ve did to remember my fav heroes:


  • Marisa, or Polentinha



@Polentinha - Goodbye and good luck in any and all of your new adventures.
If the time is right for you to go we all respect that decision. And no better time to go when you are at such a successful and advanced level. You have my sincere respect.
You will be sadly missed, I for one will miss your contributions to the forum.
Please take good care of yourself - stay safe and healthy


I’m also leaving. Nothing special to say other than my time just has come after 3 1/2 years.
Thank you guys for the wonderful time chatting with people, getting to know each other and for the connection with people from all over the world.
I went from seven days to a german alliance over to my current alliance The 7empest and met beautiful people along the way.
Also (even though I didn’t post much on the forum the past year) so many posts made me laugh and made my day on here.
Take care everyone and keep being awesome!

Cheers NoX


Someone I’ll miss is @Sarthin

He created an awesome discord server that isn’t affiliated with any alliance. He was super generous with his time, advice and assistance to other players. I wish him all the best!


I was wondering where Ambassador went. I thought he wouldve let me see his roster b4 he left. He had atleast 5 finley’s after his debut … cheers bro


I made a decision today to play the game a lot less than I currently do. Mainly because it’s become a chore and I’m getting too old to keep up with everyone and all these changes SG make.

What started as a “game” in my retirement has almost become a full time job for me …

So for now I am going to drop out of the forum. But still play the game until I have used up all my mats maxing out any hero I can over the next 4 or 5 months.

Then I need to decide if I need a “new” hobby … it’s been fun while it lasted…


Go well and safely @JGE

Thank you for all your positive input and kind words.

I hear shark diving has all the excitement of summoning heroes without all the expense :laughing:


I’m starting to feel the same @JGE . For me I think it’s xmas time with all the rush and hullabaloo. Plus the game is beginning to wear thin. I’m not quite there yet but I may not be far behind. I’ll give it a couple of months and see.

Good luck in all your endeavors and enjoy life!



Tons of blessings for future endeavours my friend. I enjoy intelligent conversations and will miss your contributions. GL


alas I will miss seeing you giving input in the hero threads. But I get it, recent changes have also not made me very happy. all the best!


aw you know I will miss YOU a lot if you go @amrath ! but will def understand if you do… though for now i am gonna enjoy being alliance and community content buddies :slight_smile:


I have walked away because this game has become a grind. Season three just sucks and I have lost interest in the game. The new content just isn’t working.

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Best wishes for future endeavours.


Thank you for your service.

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That is the best thing to do if the game is no longer enjoyable.

Good luck and stay safe.


Am I still forgotten after a year away from the game?:joy:


No, how are you @AirHawk? :slight_smile:

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I’m good. Just took a year off to cool down from the game. Still miss it.

I’m back now but I feel like museum piece looking at all the new heroes. :joy:


How are you, man? Welcome back.


LOL that’s how I feel and I’ve been here all year.


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