Farewell to this wonderful game

I wanted to pass on a thank you to the developers of E&P. I have been playing this game for over 1 year and have had a blast. This game was full of surprises and wonderful people. The reason I am leaving has nothing to do with what everyone seems to complain about, it is all about the excitement is finally gone.

So @petri stay strong with all the whining and complaining.

@rook you do an amazing job. They should really hire you.

To everyone else just enjoy the game for what it is. If you don’t like the game then move on. Remember you have choices but complaining shouldn’t be one.

Later all!



RL interferes at last! :wink: We’ll be here if you find a free moment to tap a cryptic message, a bit of wisdom, or just a hello.

Much success and happiness wherever you go!


I too would like to say thanks to small giant. And to say goodbye as well. I have enjoyed my time and feel that every dollar spent brought even more enjoyment. I didnt always get the hero or item I wanted but had fun gambling.

Unfortunately the game no longer gives me the same feeling of reward and fun for the time and money. I had hope that season 2 might bring some of that back. My main reason for leaving is the game has become a chore, I felt i had to do.

Alliance wars for me were not fun at all, I did them to support my alliance mates. We won some and lost some. However, the rewards for having to do them just weren’t worth the effort. I have felt that way about everything else in the game for a while now. Not worth doing just to get food and iron I don’t need. Having to wait over a year to get enough items to fully ascend a hero is too much for me.

Now season 2, and having to try and get new hero’s and start all over… no thanks!

Again I did have fun and for that I say thanks. To everyone else I wish you much luck with the rng gods.