Farewell Empire and Puzzles

That’s not going to happen.They don’t care about our feedbacks. If the feed-backs were related on ways to make people spend more money they will be all ears.


I totally understand you, but I want to say my thoughts when I read a post similar to yours.

SG is a hero seller company.

The top heroes need a new “costume” to sell them more. Whales are hungry, and new heroes are their food.

Since the appearance of Zynga, there’s no another feature in this game than new heroes or something that makes you need more heores.

So if the game entertains you, like it makes to me too, play it and have fun but #nospend.


Thanks for the cheers up. However, free to play is almost impossible at this rate. They will force contents to make people spend money at certain point.


I don’t think that is true. Whales don’t want to chase same heroes. Also this past week has made big change to e&p community. I have never seen so many top players to quit in one week and it only continues. So many top players are slowing down spending. They have had enough.


Indeed it is. SG’s primary focus generating revenue is selling heroes first, then comes spend is to develop them. With that said, it is completely intentional to power creep upcoming heroes/costumes. Its what is appealing to new spenders. SG knows there is an attrition rate for those of us that have played for 2+ years with 50+ 5* heroes. They are not concerned with them. Its the new comers with wallets waiting to be opened that they are focused on.

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Don’t know you and I can’t remember having interacted with you here. At any rate, I am happy you are going to get back to real life. Have a blessed one ahead for you and your family.

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I get that, but why start with heroes, which already make new whales spent? That I don’t get, would it be wiser to start with s2 heroes? Old old hotms?

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And farewell @Lest007! Good decision for you! :kissing_heart:

Lest007 sorry, so 300 players (a tiny number) complain and SG is supposed to drop the work of months, so the whingers and whiners win again? Anyone who wants to leave, please don’t hesitate. What is this really about? Challenge heroes and Hotm are getting a costume. The heroes in question include Finlay and Gravemaker, 2 nostalgia heroes that have developed quite a few fans who rightly or wrongly feel that these heroes might now not be as coveted as before, but there will be a better version of them around. Tough, but so what! The game evolves and for everyone leaving there will be new players who aren’t even aware of these little splashes in the E&P pond. Some of them find a new cause to complain about, the devs will develop costumes for heroes not even conceived yet and so on and on.


Agreed, and I would add that some people, myself included, avoid most of those complaint topics. Ignorance is bliss.


You are correct Samantha. This is like Republicans vs Democrats debates. However, their implementations will make it hard even for new starters. Nowadays it takes a while to deal with Seasons, events and building the right roster to compete with the top whales. Do you think it will be smart of them to buff OP heroes when they already messed up with telly and vela? I am sorry but SG is doing a hell of a job right there screwing things over and over and at the long run they will have to nerf heroes again popping a message we should have done better testing things out…after players spent thousands on heroes ? That tiny number which is now over 600 posts is to avoid another Telly, Vela debacle. Why is it so hard to listen to the community ?? Exactly is all about the money so after people spent thousands chasing a hero now they will spend thousands chasing the costume because SG will not be as stupid to make you pull the costume and you will have the hero as well or else Season Event would be obsolete and nobody would be making pulls.


I left. Some here know that.

I left because of life and the fact that the game wasn’t good enough to keep me distracted.

Then I came back because I genuinely like a lot of the personalities I’ve encountered through the game.

I’m also aware of the false construct of the freemium game and how they build a false sense of community and enable FOMO through the passive peer-pressure, so they can exploit human psychology for their financial gain.
I am sadly aware of my own shortcomings and that I have a really hard time playing without spending.
I know that some day in the future, this game will cease to have updates and my spent money will be lost to the ether.

Yet, I can’t ignore the fact that, for right now, I am playing on my terms and enjoy what I can about the game while ignoring the many flaws as I hang out wth friends, attack stupidity in all of its forms and pretend that this is an adequate waste of my time.

best wishes on your journey… just know that it’s okay to come back when you have had a break.


Truly appreciate your words @PeachyKeen. I really hate to drop almost 3 years of fun and challenges. Hope I don’t have E&P withdrawal but if I ever go back will be just to say Hi to old members because what motivated me about this game was how challenging and fun it was previously but I know that after April it will be hard for me to even catch up with all the new implementations that are coming in a future so that’s a key point to completely stop playing the game at all.


Lest007 that Telly/Vela debacle is just another one of those topics that would and should have died a natural death were they not endlessly recycled here in the forum. I have Vela and Telly and another 50 odd heroes and still use them now and then. As far as Hotm go, I prefer Glenda and Clarissa and use them all the time. So, I don’t think Empires and Puzzles screwed up in a big way. To me, my partner and most in my alliance, it was a minor inconvenience. I think E&P are doing an excellent job providing new features and heroes on a regular basis. I’ve never heard from someone I trust that they spent thousands chasing a hero either - and if people do that, they are fools. Sorry. I do spend money on the game and I’m happy to do it as the game provides me with hours of fun. Either way, this is my take, you have obviously a different view. I hope you find a game more suitable to your liking. Since you mentioned Republicans and Democrats, I am on the left of the political divide, but I don’t expect a company to roll over because a vocal minority keeps complaining.

My perspective:

SG is a private company. As such their first priority is making money. That’s how capitalism works. Their main source of income is releasing new heroes for players to chase. Long-time whales are not going to chase all the new heroes. But new whales are. That is where they get their money. New whales. It is very lucrative for them. That’s fine.

I am not a whale. I’m not even a minnow. I’m a plankton. It is not impossible for me to play as (almost) f2p. It is impossible for me to compete, but I have always acknowledged that fact and I have no intention of trying to.

Some new heroes can be quite demoralizing. Usually in combination. Telly-Vela used to be an automatic reroll for me because I had no answer for that. Now Freya-Odin is getting that way. So far, I am not ready to quit. But the idea of new non-S1 costumes is pushing me in that direction. Costumes were supposed to be a way to balance the woefully obsolete S1 heroes that are the vast bulk of my bench, making them somewhat less obsloete. Costumes for Finley / GM / and so on will just make my bench ridiculous.

But, new whales will come and they won’t even notice I’ve left when I do.


Telly and Vela debacle died already but we haven’t forgotten they had to go through a couple of nerf to balance it out. So if you remember correctly people started to complaint about it on how OP they were. So what will be the point making OP heroes like Finley, Ninjas, and event heroes more OP than what they are now? Does this makes sense to you? There people who spend thousands my friend believe me I dont go crazy like that but you would be amazed and people that are and will do because of course it’s their money but you can’t blame them when they complaint when they will need to invest now again for a costume for the heroes they already got. Anyways, everyone is free to do what they believe it’s more convenient and healthy for them. SG is not doing things right from my perspective and I respect your opinion saying that they are doing an amazing job.


Lest007 fair enough…

I truly hope you find what you’re looking for in the wide gaming world. If you don’t enjoy the game, then it’s time to quit.

I saw the new posts and felt like the end was near. I’ll keep playing for now, and see how it goes, but this was inevitable. Pretty much any F2P game with RPG elements, by their nature, have a cap on those elements, and they believe that they have to resort to piling systems on it, causing power creep, to keep the game relevant.
Archero did this after less than two years, and boy did they pile on system after system. I was dealing with it, but after a complete joke of a seasonal event, literally one of the least fun and sloppiest mechanics I’ve ever seen it what could otherwise be considered a AAA mobile game, I made my departure.

I liked costumes for S1 heroes because they are underpowered compared to the much harder to get S2, S3, and HoTM heroes and thought it a reasonable way to bring them in line. I was honestly expecting if anything, equipment to be added. But eventually the game will crumble under the weight of multiple power creep systems and they’ll be left with low player count, because newer players will have no hope of ever catching up, and long-term players will be sick of readdressing characters they already had maxed out.

Personally, I think they should have stuck with costumes just for S1 heroes, and maybe added a new ascension tier for ALL heroes (and redid mat rarity in the process, to be fitting.)

I’ll see how this plays out but I’m skeptical.


@Lest007 I am afraid to say after three years I am joining you. This used to be a well balanced and incredibly “playable” game and now… not so. The last 5* that was not season 1 was last June despite completing every event; everything else was from TC 20. Raids, let’s just not bother, they are so tilted against you; you encourage everybody to stack colours to even the 20% def the defender has then don’t drop gems evenly, the boards are appalling and anyone who thinks otherwise 35 gems on a board 5 colours you should on average drop 7 favourable. Many now just don’t bother with raids, think back a year and how many chances at revenge you would get in a morning compared to now, I get less in a week than I used to get in a day. Valahalla difficult is too expensive a couple of goes and your out of energy, made more difficult with the lack of heroes to complete it given your drop rate is now so low it is non-existent. Add that again to the fact you run so many events at the same time encouraging people to spend on energy to complete them, why, your not giving any incentive nobody wins heroes. Your doing several things badly instead of one thing well. You have taken a great game and instead of capitalising on it you dropped into corporate greed mode, such a shame.


On this note I think this was a really nice video: IMPORTANT Free to play UPDATE (Do this!) - Empires and Puzzles - YouTube


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