Fanfiction buffs of (insert character here)

This thread is me creating some fanmade buffs for certain characters in the game. It’s just for fun and it keeps the creative juices flowing

Since these are all fan made buffs. I went all out but try not to make them ridiculously OP and the mechanics sort of make sense within the realm of the game. Discussion of those buffed characters would be appreciated. Thank you if you took your time to read my ramblings

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way related to E&P nor am I from beta. I’m just someone with a lot of spare time to burn. Do not go out of this thread thinking these characters will be buffed like that.

My fanmade buffs for Atomos…

Ability: Immortal Annihilator
Recharge: slow

-Deals 520% damage to all enemies. The damage is shared amongst all active targets
-damage chart-
(5 targets- 104% damage each)
(4 targets- 130% damage each)
(3 targets- 173% damage each)
(2 targets- 260% damage each)
(1 target - 520% damage each)

-If the caster dies during the next 5 turns they are resurrected in the beginning of their next turn with 30% health. All status effects are removed when the caster dies

-Innate ability: herculean
This hero has the innate ability to receive +15% attack and +5% defence when it’s resurrected under the skill Immortal Annihilator. (This effect stacks and caps at 45% and 15% respectively)

Thought processes regarding the changes…

-I have decided to remove that original AOE damage spread because it’s just too unrealiable to depend on enemies’ mana for extra damage.
-520% is used to deal damage that matters. The damage scale that depends on the number of enemies left on the field may seem a little underwhelming at first but it’s used to fill a versatile role from an AOE to sniper (albeit a slow one) as the match goes on.
-Slightly powerful than lianna’s special to compensate for his slow mana speed
-I also wanted to create an additional ability to make use of his resurrection abilities since it’s under utilized. As it’s an innate ability, it can neither be worn off nor be dispelled as he gets stronger after every revival
-Why just 5% Def revival boost? Because he already has an Atlantis family boost. If the revival Def bonus is the same as the attack, altogether with 4 other atlantians, he’s just out right broken at that point. If the team setup has 4 atlantians (including him) and vivica, under the right setup of capping his Def to 15% + the 4 Atlantians family boost (additional 15% Def) + Vivi’s Def boost; his Def raises to a whopping 93%. Yeah, he’s not dying from anything. However the conditions for this are incredibly difficult to pull off.
-Minor nerf of 2% for his resurrection due to his own def buff
-His weaknesses: The same as original Atomos. Slow, resurrection buff can be dispelled. Special’s damage output is significant only at late-midgame to endgame
-Titans: slow but an even powerful sniper than lianna with 520% damage as the titan is just one enemy and he doesn’t need to worry about being dead.
-This version fits more into the name of his special ‘Immortal Annihilator’

This Atomos, AKA nightmare Atomos is meant to bring upon pressure for the opponent. It’s not really a character that is too useful at the start of the match but rather mid to end match. Because of his abilities, he is really suited for tile damage in raid offence. Although it’s also a nightmare to fight against a defence atomos with a bad board. It’s a hero that you need to take down as soon as possible without activating his ability

What do you guys think of this buffed Atomos? How workable would he be now as a tank/ flank/ wing character? Titans? Event Quests? Would you use this version of Atomos?

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My fanmade buffs for Guardian Kong…

Ability: Lord of the Jungle
Recharge: Average

-Deals 200% to all enemies

-Deals extra damage to nature

-All skill abilities excluding healing effects for all nature heroes including your own are suppressed for 3 turns

Thought processes regarding the changes…

-The main change is the ice Def which I got rid of. It is really kind of pointless to me as it is too situational. And it’s there for the sake of giving him an additional effect

-From the name of the special ‘lord of the jungle’, I picture Kong having an authority as he reigns upon his domain with an iron fist. Nothing is above him when it comes to the jungle.

-Jungle=Nature which means he as the lord holds dominance over most of the things that’s nature, quashing them with his own decree.

-This counts as a buff for Kong and it can be dispelled. The icon will be a generic gorilla head. A small green tile by the right with a red cross smacked on it. It will state ‘effect negate’ on the nature hero once he fires. Keep in mind, this skill affects your team’s nature heroes too so use with caution.

-His AoE is nerfed back to 200% due to his other effects. He also does extra to nature so it compensates a little for his damage output.

-His suppress can be used to shut off most nature abilities, including some elemental links and innate abilities. However it also doesn’t apply to healing effects. So Alberich, MN and Atomos’, including Evelyn’s elemental link of healing/ resurrection effects still applies under this ‘tyrannous decree’. Let’s say when a melendor fires when this effect is activated. It still heals his own team but the dispell will not work on Kong’s team. HoT and resurrection will still apply for Alby but the mana generation effect will be suppressed. Keep in mind that this only applies to effects, base damage is not affected.

-Raids: He works well in raid offence when he fires before the nature heroes do.

-Titans: He helps as a support hero. He is also effective to the dragon rooster as he negates all the rooster’s abilities

-Weaknesses: still too niche. In the long run people might be discouraged to use nature heroes. Effect applies to your nature heroes as well so there is no synergy with him and nature heroes

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