Fanart Elena in another armor

I hope this is not illegal~ It’s a fanart of Elena, made by me~ Coz today I’m quite happy~ :joy:

First I manage to complete both epic & legendary mode of quest: Guardian of Teltoc with my rainbow 4* heroes, plus unmaxed Khiona helped in early stage in legendary mode.
Also, I got hidden blade from mystic vision. Aaaaaafter a looong time amg of banners and gems~~ :sweat_smile:

Just bad thing that happened was, I only got the chance to pull only 4 summons, but I got ALL 3*!! :rofl::rofl: Nvm just feed em to my other 4* then~
I should have save up those gems to buy fast lane pack or trainer hero pack~ :laughing:

And since those guardians are wearing crazy armors, so I just thought to design another armor for Elena. I’m a character design freelancer, amateur, anyway. If there’s anyone follow me in deviantart, you might recognize my style, but I don’t want to link the site here, might be a shameless self-advertise though~ :sweat_smile:

So, here’s Elena. Sorry for the sketchy work~ I just need to take it out of my head so I can sleep later. I thought want to make her hold her swords, but to tired already~ :joy:
Hope you like it. If you don’t, I don’t care~~ :rofl:

I love female with armors~ :grin:


That’s stupendous!!

20 armoured characters


Thank you~ :grin:

Also, may I ask, what’s meant by “20 characters”? :sweat_smile: Sorry for the silly question, I’m still new here so I might not get the meaning of certain terms~

there is a 20 character minimum to every post.

As above

You can look up all the jargon here:


Sorry, this armor won’t do. Elena looks like she might actually be able to walk or swing her arms, which are strictly prohibited in E&P armor.
Looks great! May you have many clients.


Very nice @Waawaa, will have to visit DA to find more of your artwork.

Since you enjoy ladies in armor so much. I’d be interested to know whether you’d do some justice for the not so popular ladies who aren’t getting much love because of their current design. Here is an example:

Prisca - Her full pic description is “Resolute Warden” - Her hair appears short from the frontal view, but could be long or just tied. I wonder if there is a scene where she lets her hair down (which might be longer than it appears) to allow herself to take a small break from her duties.

Thank you for the link~ I’ve been looking for these meaning for so long~ :sweat_smile: Now I can understand more~

Thank you~ :rofl: and thanks for the wish too~ :grin:

Excellent artwork. Maybe you can give her a spear or sword. That would look even more impressive. :+1:t2:

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Thank you~ :grin:

I dno’t understand why people dislike Justice’s design. Some even said she looked like a male in female armor~ :sweat_smile:
I personally love her design. When I first play this game, I looked at the epic summon section (where there is Justice’s image) I do think she look so awesome n powerful.

Yeah, maybe if I have my free time again, maybe I can give a try for Justice and Prisca~ :grinning:

Thank you~ Maybe some other time I’ll do her with weapons~ :smile:

Justice is cool but I think her face is too manly. Many people like fantasy art like your Elena. Pretty face with impressive armor. Not realistic but hey, it’s fantasy art after all. :blush:

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@AirHawk she just don’t have any make up with her “earthly-like” skin~ :grin:
If I got my free time again, maybe I’ll give her a little make over~ :smile:

My favorite artwork (at least of the classic 5*s) is Justice and Horghall. You don’t really see how good the latter is unless you have the card and can zoom it:

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@Kerridoc I always adore her design from the beginning of me playing this game~ :grinning:
Her headpiece, pose and details~ She looked like some sort of deity~ :+1:

But people complain about her manly face amg~ :joy::sweat_smile: //poor justice

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If I had any photoshop skills I’d put a red Solo cup in her left hand…:joy:


Lel I thought I want to make her hold the scabbard~ OTL




@Petri, help for your art department.
This is amazing!

That’s super awesome.

And the way intellectual property works is, as long as you do not financially profit from the art you can’t be sued. If you wish to profit, you must ask for permission, and keep a record of it for your protection. As I understand it.