"Fan Kit" for Content Creators

So in the AMA of last november @Petri stated the following:

I was thinking to create some content for youtube for a quite a while now and am more or less about to get started so I wondered if said fan kit is actually available by now. Would be very helpful to me. I tried google and the forum search but couldn’t find anything.

So is it actually available yet? If yes, where can I get it? If not, is it still going to come… after it was nearly finalized half a year ago? I’d be really happy about that. I am not really talented in graphic design but would like to make it just look good. With that kit I could be sure that I know what I am allowed to use. Like… could I just use the E&P logo here from the forum or rather not? I don’t wanna “steal” any graphics without permission but wanna make the videos look good. So that kit would be such a great help.

I haven’t heard anything

@zephyr1 would be the one to know i believe

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We haven’t talked about it in a while, I’ll ask about it.


And I have such a set!!! I really, really, really want it!!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


dear @zephyr1, please find out! If I understand what you are talking about, then I really need it, and it will make my work much better and easier.

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The update is they ran into some obstacles and halted the release, but will push for releasing it again.

So nothing available at the moment, unfortunately, but hopefully in the future.