Family Link/Boost disabled during Tournaments?

As my title mentions… in 2019 I noticed the top player teams in 3* Tournaments and frequently I noticed a full team of Namahages was a populair choice. So I gave myself a goal to try to obtain the same. I stepped in the current tournament with 4 Namahages and a Hawkmoon+costume. And now I see I can’t benefit from the Namahage Family Mana Boost, it is not active as a buff. No ‘flower’ symbol.

Is there something I missed, has an update, downgraded this function?

The family boost requires multiple unique family members – you never get that from all Namahage. Also, I totally fought you this AM (sorry for the beatdown; I came all blue)!


You only gain family boost in different heroes. Do you already try to farm with 4 namahage? Try it.

Tank you for your wisdoms. It was my first attempt to this ‘family boost’… but I could not understand why in previous ‘red allowed’ tournaments, Namahage’s were so populair, because I never done so bad before in tours.
I understood by your info and from Raghstpart that the ‘boost’ didn’t work the way I thought.

and no biggie about the beatdown…all is fair and unfair in war-fare.

Thanks for the info too… I was unprepared for this ‘dissapoinment’. So the multiple 3* heroes I was saving for for this ‘family boost’ support can be tossed into the sacrifie-training fire.

Noooo don’t do that. Use those guys on events. They are very good next avalon event

The advantage on a competitive event is that they let you do huge amounts of damage in a short amount of time, given that ranking is based on score, and score is partly based on how fast you can take out the level, they’ll be great!

(I’m regretting eating those namahages I’ve eaten)

Agreed…do NOT eat them unless you have other heroes to take their place. 3x Namahages, Rudolphs or Squire Rabbits is a nice red base for 3* tournaments. You need that burst damage to take out fully emblemed heroes on the defense.

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