Family (empire) Feud Competition on the Forum?

Ok, i don’t know how, idk when, i do know where, but maybe you all can give further input onto how we can do this. I was watching fsmily feud and thought maybe we can do an empire feud. For those of you who have not seen Family feud, look it up on youtube with Steve Harvey as the host. It’s great. I love it.

So my main thought is i don’t know everything about the game, (i haven’t even finished atlantis on easy mode, much less started season 4) so i am very ignorant. I can’t come up with all the questions and answers, i think we need a team of ppl to do that. Maybe on discord, Line, or a Forum chat (if the mods feel like giving us one to use for this, if that is the popular vote i’ll ask them)

As to the how, and what and when, i have no idea. I know in the real thing they have a certain amount of time to answer. (This may not be possible for that very reason.)

Anyway, any and all thoughts are welcome.


Family fourtunes in the UK with les Dennis :green_heart:

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I will definitely youtube it. Thank you

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He’s really good. :slight_smile: I like the accent

Family Feud using only heroes from the same family class against a different hero family class, same hero family can’t battle against it’s own family.

Just like in the real FF where all ages can play hero Families can involve all 3,4 and 5* heroes on the same battle team.

Hope that’s a starting point.

If there is leaderboard type scoring system the extra battle points can be given for beating higher teams with stronger heroes like
Like in real life where adults give kids a chance then you do something like remove all negative special skills and ailment when a 5* hits a hits a 3*.
Sorta something like ( all negative SS and aliments have no affect on against all 3* heroes ). So that only direct hits and tile damage count.

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It’s an interesting twist. It will definitely be taken into in the long run. Thank you @Ozy1

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