Family Bonus wording -- Says "battle" but means "team"

The wording of family bonus tool tips is as follows:

Families give bonuses for each unique hero of the same family in battle.

There are two things that are unclear in this:

  1. it specifically says “in battle” when in reality it should say “in the same team”… What this says is that if I have 2 members of the family and I face an enemy who has 1, there are are now 3 unique heroes in the BATTLE…

  2. it doesn’t actually specify that the bonuses are only granted to members of the family.

This wording is used consistently over all family bonus cards. So should be updated on them all.

Suggested rewording:

Families give bonuses to their members for each unique hero of the same family in a team.



Thank you @Guvnor, we’ll discuss the wording here!


I didn’t think that the current condition for family bonus, as it is currently phrased, was not sufficiently clear, as in the underlying assumptions underlying that condition are obvious enough to me :

  1. Family bonuses apply to either side of the battlefield. Either opponent (enemy) or attacker. It cannot possibly apply to both sides unless it is a specific rule applicable only to that arena; it would cause much hardship for both parties, more so for the attacker, in any engagement, since Enemy defence is fixed.

Enemy team has 2 slayers.
I therefore should not bring any more slayers in my attack team unless that is exactly the effect I want for my attack team. This may work for or against me, depending on the board that I am granted.

  1. Uniqueness is obvious = two Norils = 1 unique hero. I believe this was settled a long time ago, when family bonuses were first introduced.

Your thread is an improvement on the current situation, and will help to alleviate further confusion in the future.

Hopefully the change in wording can be pushed out in V44 cos fresh threads on the same subject matter are raised every so often and thus increases moderators’ workload.

Thank you @Guvnor

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