Family Bonus for Classic Season 1 Heroes? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I searched for this, but couldn’t see it…

The news is that Pirates and maybe other event heroes will be buffed with a family bonus a la the Atlantis families.

This approach could also be used to tweak classic heroes.

Here are my suggestions - they’re a bit blue sky, can you think of any more?

I’ve divided them by visual style and also the card legend e.g. Jangahir and Scarlett both reference the sand sea.

There’re lots I haven’t squeezed in and some are real odd balls so lots still to work with.

Panda Family - Sha ji, Gan ju, Hu Tao

Monkey Family - Hou, Wu Kong

Cloud Loft Dynasty - Kenjiro, Hikaru, li Xui, Chao

Isgilham Norse Family - Sigrun, Karil, Ragnhild, Toril, Valen, Thorne

Deathbound Morgovians - Silthus, Tryrum, Oberon, Cyprian, Sabina

Goblin Family - Needler, Carver, Skittleskull

Orc Family - Nashgar, Gormek, Boldtusk

Or combine all orcs and goblins?

Correllian Family - Brand, Otto, Gunnar, Elena, Richard, Vivica

Rathwood Family - Derrick, Brienne, Belith, Melendor, Horghall

The Guild - Nightshade, Julius, Layla, Prisca, Domitia, Quintus

Windermer Family - Aife, Friar Tuck, Little John, Marjana

Sand-Sea Raiders - Tudan, Farid, Bane, Jangahir, Scarlett

That leaves lots of others!

And the bonuses? How about a randomised bonus of +3% attack/defence/mana/healing/health per family member. So if I take all three pandas (like we all really want to) it would be +9% to one random characteristic.

This would prevent the need for huge testing and if one combination was particularly strong or weak, it wouldn’t dominate as it wouldn’t come up very often.

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Scarlett, Marjana and Misandra should be pirates too.
It would be “double family” for Misandra (atlantis and soon event heroes), tough.

Families for anthropomorphic animals as Guardians and Pandas/Monkeys/Graymane etc.

Families for martial artists

Families for wanderers (light armor and/or explorers)

Families for knights (heavy armor)


With the knowledge that the devs know the classics are underpowered, I’ve been hoping they would add family bonuses here as well. I would hate to be the dev in charge of figuring this all out, but I think it’s a great idea!


  • This would close the gap a little between the classics and special heroes.
  • The specials are supposed to be stronger. That’s what makes them special. But a small tweak like you suggested would bring them up-to-date while not exactly on the same level as the specials.
  • Pandas! Yes! Do this! :panda_face:
  • I like the across the board thought. It’s simple to develop and easy for newbies to the game to understand.

Absolutely useless tbh :joy:


@JonahTheBard I’ve suggested the Ancient family in another thread, I forgot which one.

Ancients: Justice, Magni, Horghall.


I like that, but it might be OP compared to my cuddly pandas!


Pandas should get a new 5* hero then :slight_smile:

With all the OP event 5* families coming soon, a vanilla 5* family or two will be necessary to balance the power creep.



@Saphirra - can you do this for us sometime?

Fist of Bamboo - 200% damage to three enemies with a 20% mana cut and four turn blind.


@Shohoku79 can you think of a good name?


Oh and you forgot to add Thorne to the Correlian family. Isn’t he supposed to be the king of the stronghold or something? Poor old Thorne…

Holy s%#&, that’s a scary panda! It doesn’t look cuddly enough for the panda family :joy:

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In the cannon of my own fan fiction I use Thorne as the Lord of Isgilham.

In the original story, it’s Lord Grey who is from Correllia and is controlled by the Dark Lord

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Not to muddy the waters of this tread my dabbling in the GRIMM Death Metal band thread buuuut…

This is now my FAVORITE DEATH ROCK BAND and inspiration for my fan art piece!!!


[canon, not cannon]

As fun as the closely thematic families, outlined in the initial post, is that the families need to have a reasonable balance of colors and skills to be used and useful. As a functional approach, grouping the classics into 4 groups would allow a rainbow 5* in each family.

I’m not feeling creative enough to suggest groupings, though…


Panda names… I’ll have to try to come up with something, I can definitely throw out the commonly and atrociously overused, one word x 2, one look you are likely thinking these are panda names, names… Please tell me which zoo did not just announce that their rental panda (Li Li, Mei Mei, Lan Lan, Miao Miao, Pan Pan, etc.) just had a baby and decided to name it “Su Su or Ling Ling”

Also, not to nitpick, why does Li Xiu always get her name misspelled? It’s on her card, after all. Is it because typing Li Xui is easier? I’ve seen forum posters do it, heck even my alliance mates do it.


Au contrair, look at Sartana’s stat line under the monkey influence!!


And imagine both had an additional 6% of something. Mind blown.

Just ignore the fact that I had to smother Hou in bubble wrap…


Always leaving others to do the heavy lifting :wink:

Ok, eminently sensible and practical, as ever, K.

So to make balancedish rainbow families, just starting with the 5* then…

Ancients of Karemdol:

The Insidious Guild:

Heroes of Correllia:

Knights Errant


They possibly could sell family membership for vanillas. You pay say 50 gems for rare, 70 for epic and 100 for legendary, select a hero and it randomly will get a family membership.

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I can see the idea of paying to upgrade the family bonus.

But if it was randomly allocated, it would be very unpopular.

Some people would pay 600 gems before getting two in the same family. I don’t think it would be viable.

You possibly could add the missing 5th legendary to Atlantis families.

Love your idea very much. Good job!


That is very nitpicky :joy:

I think, in my case, it’s because I’m rushing and I’m not very good at pronouncing it. I do the same Amoena Ammoen Ammonia Anemometer


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