Family bonus for Christmas heros (and other seasonal event heroes)

Will Christmas heros be receiving a family bonus? I can’t find any information on this ?

At this stage no. There have been a couple other times this is mentioned in other threads.

Probably good to leave in the open (title amended to include other seasonal families)


Some spots in other threads:


Challenge events were updated in 2019. I wouldn’t be surprised to see tweaks to seasonal events in 2020. After all, we did see talented heroes in beta.

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Guardians family bonus! Yeah!

I think they seriously need to rethink this. Christmas heroes are standing out in the cold now as one of the very, very few groups left without a family. Why?? Christmas, Halloween, and Classic season 1 heroes, all out in the cold and lonely, and all just seem to be missing something now when every other hero in the game has a family. (Or realm – I guess “origin” is the generic term now.)

Probably gonna have to wait till Christmas :wink:

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They’ve only just done the Springvale family, so no doubt the other seasons will catch up in their turn.

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