FAMILY BONUS for 2021 HOTMS - still time to reconsider

What they should do is have like 90, 95, and 100% crit chance then balance update in January down to like 10/15/20 that should help max out people trying for HOTM in November/December.

On a more serious note the elemental link for critical chance is only 10% so either that needs to be buffed or this should be nerfed, way out of proportion lol… the crit rate they are giving is like a key piece of a hero skill like shader or gregorian but PASSIVE so it is always on, dont need to charge to activate.

Ninja and Slayer families say hi.

Yeah they have strong family bonuses too, ninja Dodge can be very annoying haha…

The one way I can counter slayers is using lepiota, the ghost removes the stacks at least.

I might agree with this, if the overall caliber of the HOTM weren’t on the decline.

Consider 2017. Hel, Athena, Ares, and Alberich were all top tier heroes at the time. Compared to Musashi, Perseus and Thoth-Amun who weren’t. That is 57% of the HOTM that were considered among the best heroes in the game.

Then look at 2018. Zeline, Delilah, Alasie, Gravemaker, Drake Fong, Zimkitha, and Evelyn were all great heroes. That is 58% of the HOTM grom that year.

And then there was 2019. Kunchen, Frida, Seshat, Miki & Kingston were all top tier heroes then. But that was only 42%. A sharp drop from 2017 and 2018.

And then came 2020. Vela and Telluria were the only top tier heroes that year, and both got nerfed. An argument could maybe be made for Clarissa or Malosi, but even including those, that would only be 33% of the HOTM being top tier.

And 2021 has seen no top tier heroes, with only Devana really being broadly useful. Most of the rest of the HOTM from 2021 are highly niche heroes.

And that is why they need a powerful family bonus. As HOTM continue to be cobfined to a smaller and smaller niche, it becomes more and more critical that their family bonus make up for it by giving them broad useability. Especially with all these new event heroes that are useful in just about any format.


To add on to this, consider more direct comparisons between 2020-2021 and 2017-2019 HOTM.

One of the most obvious comparisons is Clarissa vs Gravemaker. Yes, Clarissa has better stats across the board. This is what we would expect if HOTM were getting stronger each year. But Clarissa also has considerably lower poison damage (224 to Gravemaker’s 298). This more than offsets the slight stat boost.

Or perhaps consider the decline of the mana controllers. 2017 brough Hel, who at average speed completely shut down the mana gain for 3 heroes. She also had 315% damage to the target with minor damage to nearby enemies and extra damage to holy enemies. 2020 gave us Zocc at the same speed. However, where Hel stops mana gain for 3, Zocc only provides mindless attack to 1. He even does less damage at only 300% to a single target. And 2021 gives us Balbar whose sleep can be broken by a single off color tile. And he still only controls 1 at the same speed as Hel with less damage overall.

Or let’s look at snipers. 2018 brought us Alasie with 462% damage and an undispellable -24% mana generation to 3 at fast speed. 2019 gave us Kingston with 445% damage to 1 and an increasing attack drop starting at -31% to 3. 2020 gave us no snipers and the closest we have in 2021 are Uraeus with 485% damage to one and conditional sand damage, or Russell with 350% damage to 1 with burn damage to 3, and a guaranteed hit. Not only are the extras (sand and burn vs mana slow and attack drop) less impactful for the newer HOTM, but both are average speed. If HOTM were truly getting stronger every year, both Uraeus and Russell would be fast.

Perhaps we should consider the premier healers of each year. 2017 gave us Alberich with 153 HP/turn for 4 turns, a 33% revive chance, and direct mana gain. 2018 brought Delilah who was among the first average speed healers with 33% healing and minions with an additional 13% HP. 2019 gave us Kunchen with a 42% heal and a defense drop. Even 2020 was decent with Raffaele providing the largest overall heal in the game. Then 2021 dropped off with Alexandrine and her base 18% heal that is dependent on tiles (ignoring the precedent set by Ratatoskr).

These examples do not show HOTM getting stronger over time. In fact, in most cases, the only improvements are in their base stats. But if the special skills continue to grow weaker than those of their older counterparts, the net result is that the HOTM are in fact getting weaker over time.

Meanwhile, event heroes continue to get stronger and stronger, both in terms of special skills and base stats. Therefore, if the more accessible HOTM are getting weaker, while the less accessible event heroes are getting stronger, the only way to offset this is to give them some sort of buff that makes them more competitive.

A 5-15% crit chance buff simply will not cut it. They need something much more substantial. As is, I doubt even the 20-30% crit chance will be enough.


Como es un puta imposibilidad de Agregar un post nuevo. Me disculpo por ponerlo aquí.
Y de verdad quees lo siento. Pero es una mancada ponerlo en bug por que no permite. Cojos
El Héroe Gullinburti está trabajando mal sus habilidades.
Cuando carga y suma vida se hace correctamente pero si durante esos tres turnos y al repartir daño como dice su segunda habilidad se finaliza por cualquier motivo. El daño se pierde y no lo realiza. Da igual si generas una nueva carga i lo reiniciar que no se realiza.
Llevo insistiendo mucho tiempo y ni una respuesta.
Corregirlo x favor o edplicarli

I agree with you and I’ll add this:

In general, 2020 and even 2019 heroes are way better individually, when compared with 2021 hotms. After the whole Telluria / Vela drama, SGG clearly toned down hotms and started to launch more niche heroes, with a few exceptions here and there.

So a stronger family bonus makes sense.

Portal now shows the 2021 hotm family bonus

So it’s official now


it still won’t be enabled till the year ends (i find this unnecessary)

i guessed the family was critical based on link rotation and surprisingly the numbers are really good. i expected it to be the same as 2020 numbers.

good to see critical chance gets some love. hopefully it and healing gets buffed in talent nodes too

You could already see that the last 2/3 times the atlantis portal was live. So it was “official” for a while, which doesn’t mean that they can’t change it before it’s enabled next year.

Here you can find a discussion about the crit bonus

And here the picture from the atlantis portal, seems they didn’t changed anything.


People over estimate the crit effect.
the hotm there is basically only 2-3 heros of the same color so you cant run mono on this because only hotm 2021 benefit from this.

for offense also crit chance depends on the hero the tiles are allocated to.

in a rainbow setting crit makes no much damage difference.

i see the most value in crit on defense because it increases slash attack damage.

Most 2021 hotm are not the best defenders.

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