FAMILY BONUS for 2021 HOTMS - still time to reconsider

20/25/30% CRIT bonus???

HOTMS of 2021 are already the strongest of the hotm yearly family, based on stats, while also many strong/ usable heroes (abilites) on its own.

Why do they have to have one of the strongest bonuses as well?

My personal opionion is, that each year, HOTMS should have more and more niche family bonus, since they are already the strongest in comparison to all the previous HOTMS (stats keep increasing).

I propose a bonus of 5/10/ 15 % bonus to critical chance instead (which is still quite strong).

Its easier to adjust numbers, before they go LIVE on january of 1st.

Opinions? :slight_smile:


Yeah, the current planned crit bonus %s are indeed too high. Should definitely be toned down a bit! Especially considering the double (I think) damage caused by a crit hit. Yeesh!

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5/10/15?? Be realistic 15% are not possible outside farming, 10% only in raids (big NO for wars) but it is hard because 2021 hotm SUCK they are only good in terms of stats and some are decent but situnational.

On titans there are not usefull hotm 2021 in the same color… you can manage only one for high attack at best…

So when you consider that 5/10 is too small, maybe a 15/20/25 but I have no issue to boost them with 20/25/30 they are not on grave seshat miki evelyn frida level they need something… OLD hotms are great in terms of special and this is most important for a hero to be STRONG.


I don’t agree, respectfully.

There are insanely strong heroes being released every month. Look at Rubi. Ludwig. Not only their stats are high, but their skills are insane and their family bonuses are crazy.

Needing 3 hotm of the same year inside the same team for 30% crit isn’t something wow. Why can’t hotm be relevant again? The mana bonus from 2017 family is as much or even better than that and nobody said anything.

If newer heroes “should” be stronger that must apply to newer hotm family too. Hotm from this year are mostly just OK, Devana is the only big star and her element link was even nerfed. Let hotm in peace, SG already beat them down enough after telluria incidents.

Before the middle of 2022 that critic bonus will be nothing if they keep pushing power creep like they are anyway.


On a lighter note: The crit % Family Bonus seems to be aimed at making “certain” players pull for the final HoTMs left in 2021 :rofl:

On a serious note : Games knows that many players are waiting for Christmas pulls via EHTs !

Eitherway, the crit % Family Bonus also helps a wider range of players play well, using these HoTM combos = a solution to complaints by many-players on this forum about C2P & F2P players not having wide variety of hero options like P2P players… THINK !

While there can always e creative ways to all the time poke holes in every activity / action of SG & the Game… one should be open to look at possibilities these actions open up for the overall player base !

Good day ! :wink: :slight_smile:


Having two 2017 Hotms with so lesser stats means, their elemntal link, just rounds up stats of newer heroes and 2017 better - so it basically erases elemental link :slight_smile:

Stats of 2021 HOTMS are already closest they can be to newest heroes (less than 20 power difference), but adding 20% crit ( 2 hotms) (for example) to 3 newest heroes along + crit troops on fast heroes on offense basically means, almost every other hit is crit !

I dont understand your point about 10% being big NO for wars? :slight_smile:

I feel 30% crit evaporates any idea of tank ever… Picture this bonus with def down or attack up or both…

You need to have 5 UNIQUE heroes from Wonderland, to get to 20% crit family bonus. Crit bonus is not to be underestimated. Now you can have 2 hotms for 25% crit to all, even those who arent family??

For me, that is alarming seeing things currently.

I’m confused here because I don’t think Hel has lesser stats? 2017 are rarer due to age of game but there are a couple of now very decent and relevant 2017 HOTM. Hel on her own with that Elemental link is insanely good. I just wish I had a 2nd 2017 to get the mana buff as well. That would be the icing on a very nice cake.

I have all of the 2021 HOTM so far and the only Combo I think is potentially broken is Alex + Frosth in a blue mono. And even then probably only as a Titan combo.

I like it brings in combos but a little bit of tile damage assistance isn’t a terrible thing when your heroes are slow or average.

Other Combos I like are:

Elradir + Bertila
Uraeus + Devana (though the minions do somewhat interfere)

Red is Yang mai + Russell…not really seeing that
Purple - Malicna + Chocolate Lizard? Not see that either

If you start to water the teams down to 3-2 the extra tile damage is nice. I can see some combos there but nothing silly broken yet.


This, crit chance is nice but I can’t use any hotm 2021 combo in attack because they are not great. For example alex is far worse than CB costume kiril. I play wars in top 100.

Same issue here can’t find any good combo for wars.

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I like the level of the crit bonus. I’ll almost always opt for an X% attack bonus over X% crit bonus because attack applies to specials. So seeing crit bonus higher than previous HOTM bonus to attack makes sense to me.


For the record, isn’t crit bonus only valid for tile damage? Do defense slash or specials take advantage of the crit bonus? If not, then it doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

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Even though some older HOTMS have decent abilites, the stats difference is very noticeable :

|765 |745 |692 |1328|

Compared to lets say Balbar
796 762 756 1378 wins every category :slight_smile:

I understand your argument for looking at Hel on its own, but lets not forget, family bonuses quicky jumps to everyone!

So your planing of same coloured Hotms isnt relevant ( or I am missing something), since you can make any combination (blue and black hotm for example) you want, to get family bonus for everyone. And yes, you can include Hel to even get her elemental link :slight_smile:

All mana buffers HOTMS are viable for offense, to say the least :slight_smile:

Crit chance also applies to slash attaks


Alexandrine crit chance + crit on its own + crit troop can make for a 100% crit chance :stuck_out_tongue:

In fairness, there aren’t a lot of defenses that will have much in the way of these heroes. I do see the odd Alex, Frosth more than others, but I doubt that this crit family bonus is going to increase the frequency of these heroes on defense.

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I feel it opens up another viable (?) strategy away from special skill damage. As long as it isn’t the only or best strategy, I’m all for it.


Do not have only defense in mind, on offense, those crit tiles will melt divine beings :slight_smile:

Oh, I have no doubt that they’ll be useful for titans. I’m looking to swap out Joon and Griffin for Devana and Uraeus to try it out. As for offence, I usually run Devana-Uraeus combos against Bera/Freya tanks anyway, so no difference there.
But the point is, when most of the benefits are from an offensive point of view, no one is really going to complain. It’s only when people see the buff on defenses where people complain and then SSG reacts.

I am almost always in for the variety, my argument is only, that variety is relevant for older heroes, otherwise, ‘‘new variety’’ always trumps older ones and it becomes ‘‘META’’ :slight_smile:

For example if 2020 heroes get crit chance and 2021 get healing bonus (which I suppose is lesser family bonus), would already be step into right direction.

From that sense, we are back to my first argument, that the older the hero family is, the stronger its their effect (in contrast to their lesser stats), and more newer ones have a niche effect… Kinda like stereotipical ‘‘maffia familiies’’ . Newer families are looking for a niche to be relevant :stuck_out_tongue:

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