Family bonus blunder? (No, working as advertised)

Apparently SG either didnt think about duplicate heroes or decided that they just would program the game not to give out family bonus to a duplicate hero…

SG just keeps on giving…smh

Just because you have twins at the family dinner table doesnt mean only one of them gets to eat because they look alike…BOTH are apart of the family

It’s a balance thing. Otherwise it would be possible to build very devastating teams. Now you need at least one epic to have full bonus.


It actually says it right on the Family Bonus explanation that it’s for each unique hero:



They all get to eats, you have 1 Ariel, 1 Gadeirus, 1 Triton, and 2 Proteus which mean 4 unique heroes from Atlantis family. 4 unique = 15% defense bonus. All five heroes (1 Ariel, 1 Gadeirus, 1 Triton, and 2 Proteus) will receive the 15% defense bonus, no one is neglected here.