Family and class benefits? General help

Hi, just wondering what benefits having your heroes in the same family or class gives you ? Also is there some way of refining a search for these questions and can anyone take a stab at why I might be having such a hard time finishing season one or advancing in season two ? I have some of the highest classed heroes, like Gimbal, Jean Francois, and Gladious to name a few, most ascended twice and lots of five :star: battle items. I am still struggling. Any help or suggestions, such as should I use all five :star: Heroes, is defence better ranked than power or higher special attacks. Thanks for any help.

  1. You can check out the benefits of using multiple family members by touching the family symbol in question, I think.

  2. There are no benefits to using multiple heroes of the same class.

  3. It is better to have lower power heroes (4* or even 3*) fully ascended and levelled than to have higher power heroes (5*) only partially ascended and levelled.

I can’t tell how long you’ve been playing, but I think it might not be very long. To finish season one, concentrate on building a fully ascended and levelled rainbow team of 4* heroes. Ascend and level extra, redundant 4* heroes along the way, if you can, so that your can stack colours when you need to.

Don’t waste your time on those 5* heroes you were lucky enough to acquire, yet - you’re not strong enough to use them.


@Brobb had it completely right. It may not be fun to hear, but the 5s will eat all of your resources. You can beat season one with a maxed 4 star team, and maybe one or two of the right 3 stars. Take time to learn how specials work together. Once you’ve progressed enough and have your TCs pumping out feeders you can really build your strength in the 5 stars.

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I can also say that I don’t ever really look at the family bonuses. I look for the best combination I can make with what I have, though they didn’t have the bonuses when I started.

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