Family alliance recruiting - Drunken Irish Rednecks

My family started playing E&P a few months back and started our own alliance - while it’s fun, we can’t consistently defeat even 4 star titan’s at this point, and wars are very hit and miss. So we decided to start recruiting for people who’d like to join - We are “family friendly” in a sort of Deadpool family friendly way! Youngest is 16, but if you are a family that would like to join then any age you want to bring is OK.

We’re here for fun, we spend a little on the game, but aren’t P2W so we don’t care if you are a F2P or P2P player. Just looking for someone who plays daily, and can help us in titan battles and wars.

So if this sounds like a good idea to you, first get your head checked, then join us!! Drunken Irish Rednecks… the alliance that shouldn’t be, but here we are!

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