False view of the nickname


Hi everyone,

I was changing my ingame nickname. On first image You can see how I wanted it to be and what I was sure to get after spending 500.
On the other image You can see what I recieved.
I have submitted request about it and an answer from Kira I got was that she cant do anything about it.
That seems surely unfair. I would like to fix that nick andif it’s not possible cancel change and return me my 500.
Hope some admins from this forum will share my point of view.
Counting on Your help


Hi @Mija_S.F.O.R.A, and welcome to the forum. The forum is mostly just players like you and me, and is basically a place for us to talk. All the moderators here are unpaid volunteers who help out to keep the forum running smoothly. Small Giant staff do read the forum, and post occasionally. But that’s not it’s main purpose.

I can see why you would be frustrated that your name isn’t displaying the way you want. I’d find that upsetting too, especially if I’d just paid 500 gems for it. But the only people here with any authority are Small Giant staff…like @KiraSG. The forum isn’t even set up to deal with individual account issues. So if you’ve already spoken with SG via support ticket, and they’ve given you an answer, that’s really all that can be done. I’m sorry.

Because you’ve already submitted a ticket and gotten a reply from SG on this issue, I’m going to close this thread.


Issue has already been addressed by SG via support ticket.

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