False Raid Tournament attack assignment


In the last raid tournament a friend attacked my defense and sent me a video of it. That attack did not show up in my list. At that point i had received less than 30 attacks total so as far as i understand, it should have been there. The same thing happened to someone else in my alliance. At the end of the tournament my defense was supposedly attacked more than 80 times, while the attack of my friend never showed up. To me this suggests that there is some error in the attack to defense assignment.

No bugs here.

There is some wording on the in game tool-tip when viewing your tournament defence log that states how many attacks are shown in your log; Don’t know the specific wording as I haven’t experienced it in a while (@zephyr1?)

Short of it is that only the first 5 defences are shown then 1 per hour after that (or something to that effect).


This one:

Only attack that is counted is shown in the log.

That is announced in this (21 May):

Also similiar question seems to have been asked before:


Thanks, did not know that. Still strange that i am attacked 82+x times while others only receive one attack but i’m sure that issue has its own share of threads :wink:

If you look at the first link you will find the answer.

The higher your defense team power, the more likely you got attacked.

This is because as the day goes by, many players will have score many wins thereby their next opponent will be stronger one.

Thus weak defense usually only got attacked in the early days while stronger defense will get increased incoming attack in the latter days.

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I think its a design flaw if thats the case but my defense was actually weaker than most defenses i usually set in 5* tournaments because i had one hero without emblems in it this time and the stronger defenses never received even close to this many attacks. The defense this time was also E ranked the entire tournament, ending on somewhere around 18-64, so it was an unusually weak defense not just ts-wise. I also had many attacks starting on day one so im not sure how that fits into the theory

What is your defense team power?

It was around 4610 while i usually set 4700+

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