False loots in Alliance war

We had first alliance war ended now. Well we did not win and loots are ridiculous as always. Did not expect something else.
I was best player in war and got herbs, adventure kit and a bear banner.
One of my Alliance members had grade 11 and got exactly the same!
10 places below me and got same rubbish??

Winners don’t get much better, lol.

It is a team effort, so everyone from one alliance should get the same loot. Killing off one last hero gives more points than the 4 heroes before, so if it would matter how many individual points someone scores, it would be fighting for mop up duty.

And yes, I was top scorer too and no, I did not expect better loot than my alliance members.

I do have to say that the loot for winning was very underwhelming though… It was last War too, but this one was much closer, so felt more like a victory :wink:

And for what then the ranking list is for? If it does not matter I do not care and don’t want to see who was best. Then just say: “Alliance xxx lost! Good luck next time.”

It doesn’t matter who scored most points so feel free never to look at the list again.

I like to see who scored the points. That way I can ask players if they know how they got their bad/good scores, and maybe develop my understanding of the scoring system.

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It’s also a useful tool for players that are trying to improve their raid tactics, and for the elders to know who might need some help or advice next time for improving. I agree with you, Brobb :slightly_smiling_face: