False information in walhalla summons - Solved - Odds are correct when added

In the summons screen, at Walhalla summons is the text:
Bigger chance on legendary heroes.

This is false information and should be removed because it misleads people.

for walhalla it is:
0.9% for classic 5*
0.6% for S3 5*
1.0% for featured 5*

For elemental summons it is 2.5%

I agree, they had that sameish message when Tavern of legends came out, people read that message, got excited, ignored %, pulled like crazy, lost alot of money, got really angry and well, we all know what happened thereafter.

If I recall it correctly, 1% is bigger than 0.6%.

I know, the odds are lower than an elemental summon but keep in mind that the elemental summon only applies to Season 1 Heroes.

Says the same thing on Elemental Summons:
Increased chance for LEGENDARY Heroes

So the same for both portals. Not sure what they mean it is an increased chance over, but…

the epic hero summons are all set to 1.5%

all 3 percentages of walhalla are lower. that’s not an increased chance of legendary heroes.

edit: same goes for atlantis summons. I noticed the same issue.

It is increased in regards to this summon gate, not related to the other gates. How long have you played this game for?

If you’re new to the game, we will explain to you about how the game is working, you don’t need to rise acusations.

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Nooooo,… Lol, that’s exactly exactly the point, if you are a long time player, you kind of know what % are in other portals, newer players see IN ENGLISH TEXT, Bigger chance on legendary hero’s they think… oh hell… Bigger chance, I might as well try… Heck, I’ve been playing over 3 years and even I, who knows what the % is ect, even I was hypnotised by the bigger chance, pulled and then thought, um, hang on, that’s total BS, it’s not a bigger chance, that’s a total lie, so if it can fool me an experienced player, well it definitely and silently can fool others

I started playing at the end of 2019 so I’m not fairly new.
I just read what it says and from my point of view the information just isn’t correct and i felt like pointing it out

So, please take a look at the screenshots.

I see absolutely nothing wrong. The odds suck, I agree. But there is nothing missleading.

Normal summon gate:

Total chance of legendary hero =1.5%

Elemental summon:

Total chance of legendary = 2.5%

Valhalla summon:

Chance of legendary:

S1 = 0.9%
Non featured S3 = 0.6%
Norns, frigg or Sif = 1.0%

Total chance of legendary = 0.9+0.6+1.0 =2.5%


Welcome to the “new normal” of mobile (and not only) gaming. It’s all about writing it in a way that may confuse you, so maybe you will buy. But this is how most of the games work for a while now, unfortunately.


Both Valhalla and Elemental Summons have 2.5% chance of legendary, plus HOTM.

Both of these claim increased chance of legendary and this is in contrast only with the standard original Summon Portal.

So it’s not inaccurate on Valhalla, just another marketing gimmick.

i.e. what @Kilted said


Yea i get it now…
Adding those 3 up make it 2.5%.


2.5% > 1.5%

Normal Epic Hero Summons has odds of 1.5% for a Legendary Season 1 5* Hero (See screenshots above which clearly show this).


Got it.
20 thanks all

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