False Connection Issue Causes Oni Curse on my Hero

I was putting some work in on the ninja challenge event that’s currently going on. As I’m working on a mission, the game starts showing the connection symbol. My phone has full connection bars, but the symbol keeps flashing. About 30-45 seconds later, despite my phone having full connections bars, the game disconnects and reconnects almost instantly. Yes, I lost a tower energy point, but I also had an Oni Curse put on my hero, Ariel, despite the fact that I had popped the gem & there were no curses on the board at the time of the disconnect. I was wondering if you could please remove the curse on my hero since this wasn’t a case where I exited the game or got disconnected due to having no connection. Thanks ahead of time!

Similarly, the game crashed with my Heimdall at 0/2 curses and when I went to retry the floor he was 2/2 cursed. Previously, I exited floor 17 with Sonya at 0/2 curses and when she loaded into floor 18 she had 1/2 curses. I’ve never had this issue in previous ninja towers.

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