False advertising

Ok this always bothered me but now more then ever

How does it show LUMBER … for find crafting materials but there’s no lumber ???

I know like ALL my comments are about lumber lately. Maybe I should become a lumberjack but why does it show a item that’s not available??

Also the find battle items … yeah that’s not in there either.

I need lumber…. Halp



on the way, where to leave the cargo?.. i’m kidding.
It has phases, and the feeling, when we need it, is that it appears less.
May the luck in obtaining wood change quickly


Gimmie gimmie gimmie :wood::wood::wood::wood::wood::wood::wood:


20 characters of giggity


Thank you … it’s funny I do event but it’s always been a thing for me …… I dunno I’m blessed with nuggets at least :disappointed_relieved::joy::sweat_smile:

Seriously 2 today!


In all seriousness now, farm 19-1 on the next Atlantis Rising (any stage in province 19 actually). That should stock you up some.


I will try!! Thank you!!

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Are you using AL? You could use some of that steel and grimoire dust for more wood and midnight roots

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Also demonstrates a good summoning ritual at the end :rofl:


Ok well at least you all cheered me up… hopefully no one ends up with a new title after this one :joy:

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I use a decent amount of nuggets and wood so I get it… My secret? Never let WE fill and flask like a maniac each season event with reduced energy. I am not chasing mats in particular but have been able to keep a steady supply for crafting…


That’s a lot of time spent farming :exploding_head: :flushed:

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Auto play works wonders, but yes, I have been playing almost 3 1/2 years

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…. Yeah you won’t believe me lol ugh :expressionless: they nerfed my wood or something :joy: I realy do farm a lot …. But I event a lot too use 30-40 nados every mythic 200 plus axes every event.

But I’ve always had a wood issue ….

Also …. The pictures could show what’s inside the quest …. That would be nice

Yeah the events are draining you, I use axes on Titans mostly… I’m level 92 right now. If you are ranking on events with it then good return for you

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I will agree, in that I never understood why these quest icons don’t accurately represented with the actual loot you’d get if you completed it.

As a shorthand, sure, but it’d be a little more accurate to have also be the loot itself. Overall, this would be another thing that’d be part of the request for “revamping” the rotating Tier I and Tier II quests with better loot or even changing it all over. Maybe even have it slightly randomized so that it’s not always:

  • x1 minor heal pot,
  • x1 minor mana pot,
  • x1 antidote,

when a lot of us will almost always have the ingredients and the food required to craft more of those whenever we get low. To a degree, revamping crafting materials quests to have lumber as a possible drop would be worth doing that quest again and again.


FWIW I do agree that the icons can be misleading. I generally do the quests for the monster kills and the XP, and ignore the icons. Except gem quests. Those are for the gems.

I checked and I have 164 lumber, but 2057 steel. You’d think lumber would be easier to get.

… Hey! I have a tree!


I found the perfect dating app for you @Pandolina_Totally_Not_Tea :joy:



Trade wood for sheep?

:wood: See who gets this reference :sheep:


That sounds like a reference for some hairy coitus.

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