False Advertisement - Staff Response post #9

so I did everything it asked me to do. I even downloaded an app was in that app for about ten minutes empire and puzzle told me to wait one min to collect my 10,000 gems it’s been 30 minutes and still nothing .

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That’s probably not an official advertisement from E&P. They’re not that generous with gems. You’ve been scammed, buddy. Uninstall the app you downloaded, clear your cache, change your passwords, and hope they didn’t get access to anything important.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Note the accento on the E in “puzzlés.” You downloaded malware - run antivirus on your phone immediately.


Scam. Look at the accent on the é in puzzles. Fake page. Change passwords!


@petri, one for SG to be aware of


So many red flags right there.

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They will give 1000 gems if you win the fan art contest, which is an incredibly hard thing to do. Empires and Puzzles probably won’t ever give even 10 gems for a comment so if something claims to be free on Facebook just ignore it.


You need to be aware of scammers on facebook there are lot of them.

Look for the blue checkmark next to the Empires & Puzzles name - that’s the ONLY official page that will have contests.

As someone else said - delete that app and change your most important passwords asap.


You can recognise the official Empires & Puzzles Facebook page by the blue verification badge. We will never request player’s personal information, nor do we ask to download any apps (beyond the Empires & Puzzles app). Please report any suspicious pages directly to Facebook.


Thanks guys I just deleted that app and also deleted the app I downloaded cleared cache and ran my covid19 protection plan well that’s what I call my virus cleaner lol


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