False advertisement in seasonal pull

It’s wrong to say guarantee when technically every pull gives you a rare, epic or legendary. The assumption is you will for sure get one of that special seasonal type whether it be a rare, epic or legendary… Especially a pull that only gems work for… Come on with as much as I have spent and I know I’m not alone you guys can give what ya say or just don’t say it. Pulled 3 or 4 times and all heros that are usually given…

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I probably dont get what you are trying to say. :slight_smile: But they say it is a guaranteeed rare, epic, or legendary hero and that is exactly what it is, right?


Doesn’t that means it is correct?
Every pull gives you a rare, epic, or legendary.
That is why it is guaranteed.

How can you assume it has to be special?

The sentence that said something about special hero is: include special heroes.

They never said guaranteed special heroes…

In fact the word “include” itself clearly means that not every hero there is special.


Guaranteed false understanding and comprehending the advertisement in seasonal pull. This, for sure.


You are indeed guaranteed a 3-star or higher on every pull. And seasonal (special) heroes are included.

Seems clear - what’s the issue?


Your Daily Summon gives you all that? Wow…


I get what you are saying. But it’s all about communication style and how the reader processes the message.
So the two basic interpretations are:
For those of you with some experience in the game and of pulls - you understand that you will/must receive a rare, epic or legendary hero …
So why use the word guaranteed?
For someone new to the game or with little experience or a younger player they obviously can and will process the message differently and think they are getting one of the special heroes …

It’s two distinct sentences though. And relative to the most commonly used summon portal (daily summon), it indeed has those two changes from the norm.

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It states clearly that you either get an epic, legendary or rare hero and that’s what you get. So where is the problem?


Totally agree. But when you put things in writing. People will and do process the information differently. It’s human nature. The other issue is that people who understand the message fully (from their point of view it’s clear cut) they then don’t accept the other persons understanding of the message.
Believe me, I was a communications manager for a major Government Department, and writing anything for 1000s of people to read and understand is extremely difficult to say the least

I know that no one is perfect in language subject.

But real language teacher would understand it correctly without even playing the game.

There is nothing ambiguous about that separate sentences.


Obviously not to us. But equally obviously it was ambiguous enough for the member to ask the question. Otherwise they wouldn’t have felt the need to ask the question.

It is the OP own fault for not understand a correct sentence.

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And on that we agree - the OP didn’t interpret the messaging in the same way that we have

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As highlighted above:

  1. The statement is not factually incorrect. You have a guaranteed chance of getting either a Rare (3*), Epic (4*) or Legendary (5*) hero given these are the ONLY things you can summon in the seasonal portal.

  2. The two lines are different sentences & are separated by a line break. This indicates (in grammatical terms) that the two are NOT linked & are in fact two different premises.

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