False account

good to all I was looking in the help of the game and in the forum and I did not find anything about it

It turns out that a person copied exactly the name of my account and is walking through the alliances. In my beginning I feel sorry for this person for the lack of personality, the problem is that I have several help channels and a website and other things linked to my name and this person could harm or use the name to take advantage of other people .
How do I know that it is not a mere coincidence?
my account name is Ratabboy arg
and this person copied the exact name as is but added a pin of the flag of Spain. It is obvious that it is not a coincidence but it would be Ratabboy Spain.
Well I leave a screenshot for each one to judge I know that many will say something about the level but my account did not level it up because I dedicate myself to helping others with the game is more and several to help them when they entered they had 15 levels less than my account and today it has 10 more levels.


Unless it is the same person, Rattaboy can be Googled. Last time I checked (years ago), I knew no prohibition of players having the same in-game name here. There was a player who came from one elite and well-known alliance and transferred to a competing alliance that he was targetted constantly to be killed repeatedly in that alliance whenever the two groups are pitted each other. The foster alliance members changed their in-game name to that player to create more confusion to the original alliance. Don’t know if that was really the intention but my point is, in-game names can be the same or similar. The big question is, whether the copycat has done something to your detriment or not. If so, he can be banned. If not, you’ll just have to live with it.

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thanks for the time n