*Fallen*Star* are recruiting!

Hi all,

We have recently had a few players move on which has left us with 9 spaces to fill.

We are an international alliance with many players from USA and UK but also from other parts of Europe and Asia too. English is a must for communication and we also have Line but that is optional.

We currently defeat 11 star titans regularly with the occasional 12 star thrown in. With a full team this should become the norm!

With war we have a free for all system, so long as you use your flags you can field any team you like and hit whoever you think you can take down. It is worth being aware our opponents average TP is around the 4500 mark.

If you are interested in joining as an individual or as a group then feel free to look us up.

If you are open to a possible merge, please message me at saberofempires. I’d love to share and explore ways it might work.

Thank you. :grin:

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Sounds interesting, I will check with leader and get back to you.

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Thanks for considering us. As you pointed out, we have too many members to merge.

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You never know what the future may bring. I’ll add you to my book of contacts. :grin:. For future reference. In case something changes or a promising idea comes up.

Thanks for the message.

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