Falla caedmon en torneos

Buenas amigos ultimamente me doy cuenta que cuando estoy en torneos o en guerra caedmon solo quita las bendiciones a 1 heroes en vez de a todos. No se si os a pasado

Google translate:
Good friends lately I realize that when I am in tournaments or in war caedmon only removes the blessings from 1 heroes instead of all. I don’t know if it happened to you

My guess is a combo of taunt, accuracy, or dodge

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No precisamente rigar con atuendo dio vida a todos y utilice caedmon y solo le quito a rigar y hoy lo ultimo en torneo tambien me a sucedido ya son varias veces k me doy cuenta de esto y antes pensaba k me esquivaban o k eran no descartables pero no. Ninguno tenia una bendicion no descartable ni esquivo. Solo le quita las bendiciones al que tengas señalado. Tambiénb lo use con sonia identicas cualidades y sonia si se las quito a todos

Not precisely rigging with clothes gave life to everyone and I used caedmon and I only took it away from rigar and today the last thing in the tournament has also happened to me several times I realize this and before I thought they dodged me ok they were not disposable but not . Neither had a non-disposable or elusive blessing. It only takes away the blessings from the one you have designated. I also used it with sonia identical qualities and sonia if I take them away from all

lol, you became the official translator :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Me parecio que me paso una vez pero no estoy seguro, tendrias que grabar el video de la batalla para confirmar si es un error o es parte del especial

I though that happen to me once but it has not happen again so I cannot confirm it. You will have to record the video and post it to verify if it is a bug or part of a special

Hum, can you give more information, what team you used and who were in the opponents team?

Ei che, haz videos para que podamos compreender mejor y te ayudar a verificar si es un bug o no. Suerte!
Hey man, put some videos so we can understand better and help u if is a bug or not. (sorry @Ruskin505 for take your job :rofl: )