Fall Seasonal Event


Any info on the next seasonal event? Should be end of Sept I think.



Didn’t see anything about seasonal events. We had the Easter event in March, summer in June, should be fall in sept and winter in dec.


That sounds right.

But I don’t remember a Fall event last year… I was a new player then, but I think I would’ve remembered. Was there?

Edit: actually if there was one, good chance I wasn’t even at the necessary level to do quests yet, so probably no events either.


I started last summer but was not playing full time. I honestly don’t remember. I remember the winter one well in dec.


A Fall season event, would be spooky great! Especially, if they bring a witch, scarecrow & other creatures!


I’ll take Elvira…


Nothing about a fall seasonal event, yet (and there wasn’t one last year), but would be great to have one of course!


I hope they do. …


I keep checking If someone answered… :smiley:. I have been hoarding hero tokens since July… hoping to use them for a cool autumn / fall event! @Petri , is it something we can expect?


While there was no fall event last year, we did have pumpkins in the stronghold for Halloween. :slightly_smiling_face: So I am hoping there will be an event this year…


I saw a screen shot where Petri was in global chat and said there would be a fall event…
@Petri - can we have a confirmation, please?


I have a team member who is asking about this too. He’s been hoarding his tokens in the hopes we have a Fall event.


Please tell us, @Petri!! I love these seasonal events!


Nice a fall event will finish off the seasonal rotation events (even though the winter event could get fleshed our a bit more).

Now we just need a green special event since we have every other color reflection represented.


Yes, there is going to be a Halloween event. More details soon! :wink:


Thank you for the confirmation, @Petri! Looking forward to this one! :slightly_smiling_face: