Fall 2022 Sneak Peek - Discussion 🍂

Thanks for letting us know what new events and heroes you are planning to add.
I’m definitely curious about Contest of Elements - at this point I know I won’t finish it as I don’t have so many yellow heroes, but will try to do my best!
Monster Island - this one is the most exciting! I can’t wait till December and play with my teammates!
Mighty Pets - I’m curious how you came up with the idea of creating those cute heroes, but now everyone can see the cutest duck in the world!
I like it and I look forward to all of those events and heroes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



20 more characters of not sure what to say


Selling new heroes aka costumes (now 2x) with bad odds is still not gonna satisfy playerbase. Make at least first costumes available and put them to HA10 and/or TC20+ with easier access. At least try to keep your huge part of long term dedicated playerbase happy. Its that simple.


I always appreciate the updates even if it’s not always exactly what I want to hear.

The dragon thing is funny. When at the time they announced dragons, I had a steady supply of ads for another match 3 game with dragons. I started playing that game thinking it would help me when dragons come to this game.


Continuing the discussion from Fall 2022 Sneak Peek! :fallen_leaf::

It’s +20% mana isnt it?


Fiends, minions, reflect and mindless hero creation? All damage dealt absorbed as health and orders a pizza :pizza:?


We’ve had a 2022 with the release of an incredible amount of new heroes. It’s just getting absolutely ridiculous.
I rather stop summoning for the next 6 months and then summon again once everything new has been released.
Sometimes I want to summon on an upcoming event and then I see a new event coming in 1 or 2 months with much better heroes… why to botther summoning earlier?
Really SG, you’re undermining yourself by going at this speed of hero release.



It’s looking good and I’m a bit more optimistic about the future of this game after feeling like a yo-yo in recent years.

Question please to anyone about the monster island (I’ll read the full thread later) for monster island what kind of size alliance should I be in to gain maximum output?

I play in a solo alliance a lot and don’t really want to miss out.

The bigger the better. The stronger the better. Right now it’s designed as an event where you have ranking and the higher you are the better loot. But things may change in the final version. There was a lot of feedback about this in beta.


Thanks @Mis appreciate it. I’ll look in GC see what I can find :+1:t2:

Adding Costume for older HOTMs???
C’mon man… They just added less than 10 (Drake, Athena, Alaise, GM, Albe, and Seshat)

Yet we got 12 new HOTMs each year.
Slow like :snail:


In short: base updates and new alliance cool quest were all postponed because they wanted to release 5 events and 40 new OP heroes instead.

More and more heroes coming. Now they treat second costumes like a buff to season 1 hero (lol) while they still ignore they all need some pure buffs in they base form.

They buffed not even 10 old heroes and they think it’s huge. Like they aren’t 2 years late.

Ok then.


My guess is a dark hero with tanky stats, gives small overheal, produces minions that give 60 percent dodge, and gives 25 percent mana to his allies.

When used in quests and events, he does not produce minions, but he and his allies get a 30 percent stat boost, and 24 percent mana generation right out of gate.

And instead of a .01 percent chance, it can be .000001!

How close am I?


I think there are not enough new op heroes released
Devs need to release at least 500 new heroes per month
And tbh i find it unfair that people buy food and pay their bills and do not buy every deal in the game
Dont be selfish guys stop buying food its not important…buy in game deals and chase every new hero.


100% you found the right answer


strangely the things we wanted the most are not coming out this year.
but to release new offers every day and new heroes every month there is not the slightest problem.
and your costume of the heroes season 1, 2, 3 you can store them where the sun does not shine.
it’s real buffs that we ask of you and not bogus costumes that come out in small quantities to fill your pockets even more.


New hero:
Element: dark
HP: 1900
ATK: 1300
DEF: 1500
Class: Sorcerer
Speed: Fast


  • Cleanses status ailments from all allies.
  • Heals all allies who have less than 50% HP left to 50% health.
  • Heals 70% health for all allies.
  • All allies get +50% mana.

Passive 1: everytime this hero is hit by a special skill, the caster get -54% attack, defense, mana generation and 800 water damage
Passive 2: Everytime this hero casts his special skill, all enemies receive 1800 burn damage, -54% def down and 70% blind.

A perfect hero to make people spend for a new Xnol and even more auto win features from S5. Angels are telling me it’s going to be it.

Also of course why not add MORE stats points since only good specials and passives are just not enough.


Let it be Ice, as there are lot of blue healers so there can be an extra :smiley:


HAHA! So it must be a CLERIC because we don’t have enough blue cleric healers!!! It gotta take Ariel out of the throne so lets add the “All allies get +99% mana generation for 10 turns”.