Fall 2020 Sneak Peek - Discussion

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Check out some of the beta-beat threads which feature some / lots of extra information about these teased upcoming features & other stuff currently in Beta

Note: All this is BETA content & is subject to change at any time!!

V32 Master Beta-Beat thread:
🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Edit to add:
No, we don’t know for sure when Return to Morlovia will be. Mods will update this thread with the info when known: When's Halloween Event 2020? (Master question thread so stop making new ones!)

Until then, it’s all a guess… Maybe the last couple days of October going into the first 2 weeks of November (like last year)… or maybe something different.