Falcon need an upgrade?


I was watching Elilea comparison list and i really notice how bad are Falcon stats.

Worst attack - bad defence - halfway health.
Even his special kinda sucks.

Yes, he has the defence debuff, but even Jackal has it, and he is so much better for attack and special.


I don’t use him very much and I have him maxed. If he was ‘fast’ charge it would be different.


Falcon = Elemental Gormek. Can take a hit, doesnt do much damage himself.
Jackal = Elemental Grimm. Glass canon.

Falcon and Jackal are both fine the way they are.


Yeah, when I fight a level 70 Falcon he’s always center and always a bit of a pain to kill. I think he’s good.


Falcon has 300 hp minus than Gormek.
A huge difference.

He surely not a sniper, but don’t even a tank.


In that you are right. But he has 200ish more armor, so in raw-stats they are about even.

Any tweak/buff would need to be really tiny in order to not make him too strong.

And dont get me wrong I wouldnt mind a buff since I have him haha!


Lol falcon already is one of the special must-have heroes, let’s first buff athena’s stats a bit then shall we?


Uh, in Elilea’s list he have only 13 more points on defence, thats why i open this thread.

Someone can post the cards?


For shame :scream: I might’ve misstyped/looked at some older version of a card. I will fix that in my chart thing. Here are the cards with apology for a derp :slight_smile: That’s what you get for retyping stats at 4 am.

If anyone finds some other mistakes there, do let me know. I want that thing to be accurate. Maybe during Christmas I’ll take a moment to see if there are some other oversights presents. Falcon is fixed now in the .doc.


Oh, ok, nvm… :rofl: