Fairly New and Help Needed

So… Just now at level 53 and finally figuring this game out to be at least average. Here is alist of my main maxed out heroes that have been limit broke and emblem maxed ( some ) as well. What would be

  1. Best one or two offensive comobs
  2. Best titan combo
  3. Best war Defensive combo

Yellow: Joon / max / max
Vivica / max 12 Emb.
Gulillinbursti / max/ max
Devana Max / 16 Emb
Wang Yuanii max / max
Wu Kong max / max
Scoratek 70 / max
Sir Roost 80 / 5

Rigard max / max
Chakkoszrot max /max
Hannah 80 / max
sabina max / max
Ingolf max / max
Grimble max / 0
Ahhotop 70 / max

Red ( strongest )
C Elena max / max
C Marjana max / max
Khagan 80 / max
Russsell 80 / 0
Sun Shangxiang max / max
Tahir 80 / 0

Green ( strongest as well )
Mother North (my fav ) max / max
El Naddaha max / 2
Cristobol 80/ max
Garjamal 80 / max
C Kashhrek max / max
Brynhild max / max
Marcel 70 / max

Isarina max max
Richard max / max
Azmia max / max
Frank max / max
Kiril max / max
Grimm max / max
zila lee

I appreciate any help or advice given. Thanks !!!

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For defense I would use the following heroes:
Holy: Sir Roostley (any position); Joon (only wing); Devana (Flank)
Dark: Hannah (any position)
Fire: C Marjana - wing or flank
Nature: El Naddaha (any position)
Ice: Azmia or Richard (flank or tank)

Personally I would try for defense: El Naddaha - Sir Roostley - Hannah - Azmia/ Richard - C Marjana

No matter the titan, you need a super attacker and that is Wu Kong. He should be taken in all teams. Then you would need a defense down and an attack up and elemental defense down + other bonus (like increased damage, increased crit chances)

For Dark titans: Wu Kong - Joon - Sir Roostley - Devana - Vivica
For Holy titans: Wu Kong - Hannah - Grimble - Chakkoszrot - Sabina/ Ingolf/ Ahhotep (which one has the highest attack stats)
For Nature titans: Wu Kong - C Marjana - C Elena - Sun Shangxiang - Tahir
For Ice titans: Wu Kong - Marcel - El Naddaha - Cristobal - Garjamal
For Fire titans: Wu Kong - Isarnia - Kiril - Richard

For offense there are many possible combinations, you just need to experiment which is the one most suitable for you

You left out my 2 most important IMHO unless I’m that naive about the game. Elena is tank ( her counters take out sooo many snipers and others ) . Mother North is a Flank ( her Revive is top 2 in game ) So here is what I currently run Elena - Tank Joon - Left Flank Rigard - Left Wing Mother North - Right Flank and Either Richard or Isarina Right wing.


I like the thought on these

But here you’re talking about your offense team, aren’t you? Otherwise you wouldn’t know that Elena takes out so many snipers.

As attacker I do not fear Elena that much. There are a lot of dispellers easily available (Sonya, Sabina, Caedmon, …) to deal with Elena after she had fired.

On offense, however, Elena is quite ok, especially in Rush wars/tournaments.

As for Mother North, I would only use her on the left side, not on the right side in a defense team. The reason is that the AI always fires specials from left to right. So, if MN revives another of your heroes and that one comes back with full mana, this one can also immediately fire their special. Whereas, if MN revives a hero while she is on the right flank/wing, that hero can only fire in the next round.

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I had no idea that it made a difference using someone on left or right side. Always considered equal. Can you explain to me.

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Also, so as I set my defensive team ( never considered rooster as he isnt in my top 6 teams ) I shouldnt think about what teams are my best in raids or war for chances of finishing a team and surviving, You’re suggestion has no healers. Help w that thought as well. I’m learning sooo much lately

On defense, the AI always fires the hero specials left to right. By putting Mother North on the left (Left Wing ideally) she fires first and any heroes she revives will be able to fire that same turn if their special is maxed. If she is on the right any heroes she revives that are to her left need to wait a turn to fire even if maxed. This can be crucial if she revives an AoE hitter or another healer with maxed special.

Oops, bit of a repeat here of what @Thoran said earlier.

PS this is also why you want your def down heroes to the left of your hitters in defense so that the hitters can take advantage of the defense reduction when they hit.

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Should this be For War defense ??

Can be for war defense as well, but for wars, it’s important to coordinate at least the tank colour with that of your alliance mates.