Fairly False Forum Facts 🤓

I’ve empirically tested and have statistically proven that if you listen to the Tetris melody while playing the board, you will subconsciously make better tile matches and will have 6 % better chances on the average of winning each battle. 6.5 % if you say the words “let’s play some Tetris !@$&” right before you make the first move.


As Clint Eastwood aka. Dirty Harry, might say, “Go ahead, make my day.”

There are geese which perform a flyby of your castle.

If you tap on them, they WILL fall from the sky!

And if you can manage to land a honker on the VIP dragon, at the left castle turret,
Then the goose will get swallowed whole and you will be provided an extra daily allotment of gems, loot tix & class emblem in kind trade for the snack!

note* this only works if you have the VIP


On the Base screen, watch out for times when there are a male and female villager walking past your Advanced House. If you tap both of them quickly enough, they’ll run into the house and throw all their clothes out the window, and your recruit generation will double for the next two hours (four if you toss them a viagra).


The rare unicorn titan will only drop telescopes for virgins.

You are 10x more likely to get hotm if you are celibate, sober, and never troll.



I didn’t know this either. I have now been recklessly shooting down birds who probably thought they were safe coming past my castle.

I didn’t know you could click on the villagers either.

And this is definitely the funniest thread on the forums.

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Some of these little Easter eggs are described here:

But it’s not as funny :wink:

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I am quite disappointed ATM as I haven’t had a decent pull for a few months now and then Geographically moved for a couple weeks holiday about 2500ks from home and I get a 5* pull of the bat,

Does this mean I need to wait another 12 months before doing more pulls?
And should I make my holiday spot the same or can it be any other location but home?

If your roommate dies, you’re guaranteed A’s on titans for the rest of the semester.

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Is that regardless of circumstances? :thinking:

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You must sacrifice 13 villagers to the RNG gods at midnight every 30th of the month or you will consecutively lose 20 raids, 10 AW matches and receive 8 Prisca and 2 Greymane on your next 10 pull.

I heard that if you count all the windows in all your buildings, and all the villagers walking around, and the minutes between dragon appearances, you can rearrange the numbers to get a cheat code that stuns the titan for a whole titan hit.


That’s exactly true, except it’s just for a single turn, not a whole hit.

Some people would say that it’s not a good use of time, but those people are quitters…


If you beat the Dark Lord just with Aife only, he will be add to your roster as a secret 5* hero.




Wondering where the stonebridge to the west of the castle is leading?
If you your holding 2 fingers on your screen and move them to the right, you see more of that bridge.
Doing it right you may see a whole of 5 pillars down under. You have to keep that view with your two fingers on the screen until a villager is crossing the bridge. After that you have to watch him going on until he disappears out of the screen to the left. 3 villagers in total have to cross. If a villager comes back to the castle, you did something wrong. Probably you hadn’t the right view, not watching the whole bridge. If so, try to move your vision even more left next time. Or you just moved a bit to much around while watching the bridge, that also leads to failure. However, if you did everything right, this procedure will unlock 4 secret building spaces!


SG is adding a leprechaun hero for St Patricks’s Day that increases the chances of you getting a good board when color stacking by 50% (This is not a special requiring mana) . His special is called “Guinness” and when cast causes all hero specials to miss for 4 turns. This cannot be dispelled. He then naps for the rest of the battle.


Dude, you’re very close to regular stays and getting more likes!

The only thing you’re missing is the read rate.

Scroll through one of the counting games and you’re halfway there!


Did you know that your heroes swap colors every time when your phone is offline?



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