Fairly False Forum Facts 🤓

If you tap on one of your villagers 10,000 times, he or she will die.

Then your other villagers will come out and see them dead, and start cursing you. Your farms and mines will run dry, all of your building and research times will have +1000 days added to them, and your camps will stop training feeders and just flash “12:00”.


I think that might be true. I duck weave and swerve all over the place… :wink:


If you press down hard on a villager you kill them.

EDIT: no death by a thousand cuts here… :thinking: :laughing:


Tis whispered in the darkest corners of the forum that to successfully summon thy most coveted hero the summon portal must be atop the highest reaches of the Watchtower, otherwise one will fail…


Thinking about this today for no particular reason

(internal monologue: “and it only took 4 months to get here” :frowning_face:)


I did say for now. I should check that IP address for John Doe - see if they’re based in Helsinki. :thinking:


ack, I can’t like your comment because I ran out on the beta thread lol

Maybe this can start a new thread of premonitions, or musings that came true :thinking: :grin:


I was thinking about this too.
You beat me too it @Disposable

4 months… :pensive:

During S4 comes the Samurai Forest
Then after that…they will have to make Ninja Costumes

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Whispered in the darkest corners of the forum is the known fact a good board is guaranteed if one has many posts praising SGG’s decisions. Tis further speculated the relationship between board and post is proportional…


It’s a well known fact that if you praise SGG in the forum posts your odds will increase with every pull and you will eventually get a more 5* heroes.

Everytime you disagree or complain your odds diminish and you get rewarded with heaps of s1 3* heroes.

So if your after 5* luck then Praise SGG and their forum mentors (as they never wrong) all you can on every post and your luck will change EVENTUALLY.


if u feed lv.30 mana troop to lv.1 wizard troop (same color), your wizard troop will boosted to lv.30 instantly and the mana speed also permanently become 30 (while the normal one only 20)

this is the trick that only several people know


It is thus rumoured if enough ducks reach the other side, they combine into a dragon…


The duck side of the forum and the great dragon @Dudeious.Maximus can confirm that this is definitely just a rumor.


@Ozy1 I dunno about that one.

It seems to work for me. Posted that I needed another compass to level up a rainbow team of 4*s and got one from my next monster chest a day after I posted

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Actually… :face_with_monocle:

Tis rumoured, if pop ups are closethed too speedily, one’s summons shall be cursed…

Easy kill khufu and any gargoyles heroes trick:

Bring 3 fully emblemed and LBed Ameonna when facing khufu and he is instantly death the moment the raid begin, i dunno maybe it is a bug or not but it works, i’ve tried it. so maxed, emblemed and LBed 3 of ur ameonna guys

she does have better attack, to be fair :face_holding_back_tears:

u can maxed emblemed and LBed 5 ameonnas if u really like her :rofl:

if you lack tile power on holy titans, she’s a mini scarlett. just saying; without 6 tabards 1 tome 1 dlabe and 5x5* aethers, she does better than most of 5* maxed and lbed on titans

and if you fire her… you dont need miki/tarlak etc atk boost. lol

just an advice for the new who can’t afford the luxury of having dark 5*s on titans