Fairly False Forum Facts 🤓

A variation of Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start exists.

Unlocking it enables free to play players to earn enough gems for two renfields PLUS a Dawa in about a week.

It follows the same availability schedule as the McRib.


To get a guarantee 5* on your every pulls make sure to do this trick beforehands:

Feed three 1* troops to another higher level troop that it strong against.
Example you can feed three purple 1* troops to yellow troops (doesn’t matter what star level as long as it is strong against). After that do summon pulls and voila! You will guarantee get 5* hero! It really works! I got ursena by doing this super trick!

If you complete any stage of the tavern event with a full team of 4/20 heroes you get to choose one HOTM out of the three that were the bosses on the completed level.

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It is whispered in the darker parts of the forum that to guarantee 4* ascension materials, all you have to do is defend SGG against any form of criticism. Next time you open a chest there’s a shiny 4* ascension material and a thank you note.


not sure i could sell my soul for a 4* AM like that… lol

crap… does writing this mean I won’t get any for 6 months?


events and atlantis costumes are coming in 2021
S1 costumes will become useless

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dude, too real :laughing:

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This was actually posted somewhere else. I moved it here. I had the same thought though. For now, it’s at least false.

For now…


If a suggestion gets upvoted 10000 times, it will be a part of the next update.


OMG… i had to read the heading of the thread like three times before I freaked out.

panic button reset. whew.

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Oh You’ll get some — but you’ll need to convert them in the Hero Academy to get what you need.

Basically you become a red headed stepchild to RNGesus

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got some news from an insider, they will release morlovia heroes as they are now, they wont be nerfed this year
But SG already planned to nerf them on juanuary 2021 after making millions from these morlovia pulls

so just keep in mind, these heroes will be great for only 2-3 months, you will be pulling for temporary heroes

ps: this message will be censored in few minutes by the communist

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Fun fact: some SECRET CODE from early testing of E&P still present in the system and it would be TOO EXPENSIVE for SGG to rewrite the whole system so it still in use today. They don’t want you to know, because it means you can control your RNG and get great results EVERY time, and not give SGG ANY MONEY.

Here it is: UR RNG SEED IS GENERATED BY YOUR POSTS TO CHAT!!! They don’t think we r smart enough to figure it out, but we are not just dumb sheep! Here how it works: EVERY time you post something in chat does not matter if to alliance recruit etc, they just add up all the letters and make that a seed. Lazy codes! When they find out it in the game, they try to hide it with protecting against duplicate posts THEY PUT AN EXTRA SALT added to seed value!! LAME!

So when you pull Legendary Heroe HOTM or whatever you like is lucky, go to ur last chat post, and copy it. Next paste into a text encoder to get all the hex (or binary doesn’t matter). SGG runs on old IBM BACK END, so you must uses codepages 1252 (Finland & Sweden) NOT US OR UNICODE! Then add all the numbers up you can use a calculator with hex if you like but usually can do it in ur head.

Then you can makes new posts with SAME total number doesnt matter if its ever real words or any laguage. BUT MUST USE RIGHT CODEPAGE! So when u pull posts again in chat with words that add up to SAME NUMBER and you get 5* Hero everytime FOR REAL!!!


I find it unbelievably hard to write that way, and I’m sure it shows. I can’t even fake fakeness properly :rofl:


You are actually very much onto something here, and dis is 110% factualz stuffs that I can haz verified with doctored photoshopped spreadsheets.

When u first download the game, SG does assessment scan of you. They determine your location, your net worth, your likelihood to spend, etc.

Your original free summonz RNG and stuff is fully dependent upon their data collection stuffs.

If they think you are:

  • likely to spend at some point if properly motivated, they will try to give you proper motivations to do so, by inundating you with cheap gem ads until you buy them, then giving you a couple of lucky pulls early on in order to encourage you to continue spending (because they’ve fooled you into thinking summon odds are better than they actually are)

  • likely to spend even tho u don’t want to spend, they will givez all ur alliance mates gud gyros until you feel like a pathetic loser by comparison, thereby encouraging you to spend anyway, for which they will give you nothing, because they want u to continue to feel like :poop: and continue to spend and spend and spend until you actually get something

  • not likely to spend ever, they set you at an RNG rate that is just good enough to keep you logging on regularly so that you watch their Misstick Vizionz and stuffs

Beyond that:

  • if u happy spending player and continue spending and sing SG praises all the day long in forum, you get blessed with magical RNG all the time

  • +10% boost to your RNG every time you reply negatively to TGW and make him feel like :poop:

  • -10% to your RNG if you criticize the game or give a like to any TGW post

  • -1000% RNG if you are TGW

Yes dis is all 1,000,001% tru and verifiedidid through totally legitimate channels and such.

Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get me.


This TRUE!!! Make him feel so bad for +++stuffz!
:rofl: I’m dying here :rofl:


Well I’d like to like your post but… you know… 10% is 10%. So… TGW YOU SUCK



Enjoy your bonus loot!

Kindest Regards,



And we still don’t know what’s inside ))


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This is the first 5* crate being reported here, or did I miss something?

No, I will not ask to show us what is inside, because others will. :mask:

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