Fairly False Forum Facts 🤓

I blame most of my misconceptions on you.

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Lol i totally misread that…


When playing on the toilet, you get a higher winrate. Because your opponents get weakened by that smell…


Ahaha hahaha hahaha haha

Yes, this is a complete sentence… don’t you know who I am?


It is whispered amongst the darker corners of the forum that if you speak the name of the one you covet into a mirror three times, then they shall appear at your next portal summons.

Perform the ritual wrong however, and you shall be cursed forevermore…


Once you reach level 87, you can connect your game account to your forum account and use raid flasks to refill your likes. It’s weird though that it has to be level 87. I mean, why not 80 or 90? Seems so random…


I’m certain i knew that but I just can’t get things right three times in a row…

I didn’t hear all the whispers clearly, so there might be important details missing…

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If you post your opinion on the forums enough times, and argue with enough posters, it will become reality.

Just try it: Proteus was originally Yellow, but I wanted him to become Purple so I spammed the forums way, way, way back…

I’m actually a little scared of this one. If someone believes it’s true…


The dominant color on your board depend on the color of your shirt you wear while you play the game


If you can form a diamond without using your hands — your next summon will be a masculine summon.

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Is it too late to now say

“If you ascend Telluria, you will get a secret surprise gift from Small Giant”

Very very special secret


I present to you… the very first edition of… Fairly TRUE Forum Facts

#1 - If SG releases a HotM that is ridiculously overpowered

It will probably be nerfed later, resulting in total and utter forum chaos.

#2 - If SG releases a HotM that is ridiculously underpowered

You will probably pull that hero. Congratulations on your consolation prize.

#3 - If your game suddenly begins to lag at the very end of your raid or war attack

You most likely won. Congratulations!

#4 - If you have a very long streak of good boards

You will eventually get a very long streak of bad boards.

#5 - Conversely; if you have a very long streak of bad boards

You will eventually get a streak of good boards.

#6 - Whichever unfarmable ascension mat you need the most

Is the one you will not get.

#7 - Again, conversely; if you don’t need any more orbs of magic

You will get many more orbs of magic.

#8 - If you always score A/A+ on your alliance’s titans

Those who scored B or C will usually get better loot than you.

Feel free to add more.


The leveling animations share secret knowledge …

It takes a buttload of feeders and supplies to gain and hold onto power

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Do you know how to get every hotm you want with only one elemental,epic hero, event, seasonal, Atlantis, Valhalla and costume summon?
change your birthday on the google account to tomorrow. then do a summon tommorow. Booom HOTM.

Every time.

No fake.

Use this trick before devs change the mechanic :slight_smile:


If you feed ten heroes at once, and then let the animation play out fully, then your special skill is guaranteed to be leveled up.


If everyone would have just left Telly at 4/79, we could have reduced forum poutrage by over 80%.

Remember this on the next OP hero.


Bardic Post of the Day :medal_military:

But you don’t get a prize cos it’s moderator day. So all my summons will be 2.16% less likely to be a dupe. Horray to me


Rumour has it that if you make enough purchases then you are guaranteed good boards.

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A variation of Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start exists.

Unlocking it enables free to play players to earn enough gems for two renfields PLUS a Dawa in about a week.

It follows the same availability schedule as the McRib.


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