Fair wars, P2P vs F2P

Please make how much money a player spends be part of the calculation in war matchups.

The is such a discrepancy in P2P and F2P, and the imbalance gets much much much worse the higher levels the Players are.

For example, there are few season 1 characters (From tc20’s) That can match most hotms. F2P Players do not get near the chance to obtain hotm.

Running VIP monthly vs not running is also a much larger discrepancy at high levels as the emblems really add up.

These are factoring concerns that make a war not fun for f2p characters.

My suggestion is fight the p2p alliances vs the p2p and not against the f2p.

What about where there are mixes of everyone in the same alliances…? which is the case for pretty well every alliance out there…?

Edit to add a couple more notes:

Also a note on the “emblems from VIP”; this is 9 months worth of Emblem’s:

You can see that VIP is 10th out of 14 emblem sources… AL Shards will (eventually) jump up a bunch of spots as I have only been using AL for the last 6 weeks now… But realistically, the only sources of emblems “worse” than VIP are:

  • War chest (something that happens once every 2.5 weeks AT BEST)
  • Rare Titans (something that is, by definition, “rare”)
  • Seasonal Events (a once per quater event)

So really, of the “regular” sources of emblems VIP is quite easily the “worst” source of emblems (not really stacking up)… like the 9 months of emblem collection hasn’t been enough to put even ONE node on a 5* hero.


Um… You’re not serious are you @BoiledBlood? :confused::confounded:

Should there be separate tournaments / events too? :thinking:

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Have you heard of the saying: All is fair in love and war.?

Regardless of whether the attacker is F2P or P2W/P2P, in the end, all are within the mercy of the boards and RNG, which may be considered as the fog of war. Even if the player stack the best heroes maxed emblemed and supported with level 30 troops, I always chuckle whenever I see the raiding report of a high leveled player with such heroes and troops still failed to kill my measly defense in 3 attempts.

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This is a terrible, terrible idea. I understand the feeling, but think of the outcome.

So, a HOTM is unbeatable? All right, I accept the premise. Now, an FTP gets SOME gems from Quests, etc. When one of them summons a HOTM, they immediately shoot to the top of the FTP pool. Nobody can beat them, after all. All the plebs that were not so lucky, never win again.

Buddy, your idea makes the problem worse for your average FTP, not better.

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That’s a good spreadsheet. Thanks for sharing.

From your data, the separation of f2p and p2p may not be the emblems, so much, as the range of characters available.

There is no arguing that the more a player spends in gems, the more character selections they have.

I’m a fairly high level, and have been running (x4) tc20’s for well over a year. I believe that there are only two 5 star characters that are possible, that I don’t have (All but 4 are completed through normal ascension). I have loads of full ascended 4/5* teams that have emblems, more than enough for a good war selection. I have a couple good hotm’s completed. My troops are 20’s ish.

I’m finding that on average, my selections are not good enough to fight players significantly lower levels, that have ascended HOTM teams, even if they are much lower emblems and emblem levels.

I’m frustrated. After years of gaming, my success rate lessens as my characters and myself level. players’ defense of half my level are consistently stopping my attacks.

The emblems may not be the cause of the disparity gap of free vs pay, but there is a gap, and it becomes much more apparent at higher levels.

RNG is the equalizer. So like in math, remove the common factor from the equation because it effects both sides equally.

There is a character quality difference between f2p and p2p.

If a player wants easy battles, they can drop cups and fight in the arena at a significantly lower level

…but in a war, there should be a fair fight…or it isn’t a war, it is an ambush.

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If you had none…would you rather take a team of full ascended hotm’s or a team of fully ascended team of season 1 characters?

Easy choice. But how do you get this team? Pay of course.

It doesn’t have to be separate, it just should be a factor.

Just to note that paying doesn’t guarantee you’ll have five HotMs, and playing free doesn’t mean you’ll never have five HotMs.

Question for you Gov.
in the war rating, why does the game give such weight to the top 5 characters instead of the top 30?

Does this mean if I spread my emblems out evenly to all of my war team characters, I’d boost everyone up and lower my individual war score contribution?

Right…but you cannot deny that there is a greater potential to have the 5 hotm’s If you pay.

The top five are worth more because, all other things being equal, they are the defence team, and have greater utility.

Not so at the endgame, of course, and it will become progressively less true as you advance. But a reasonable baseline assumption for most.

Costumes level the playing field quite a lot. A typical FTP can probably do 3 (4 if they are lucky) costume pulls per month, which has a good chance of getting at least 1 costume 4*.

A decent (mostly) vanilla Anti-tell team would be:

  • BT ©
  • Rigard ©
  • Proteus
  • Wilbur/Gormek/G Falcon
  • Colen/Azlar

Or you could go mono red

But even saying that, not everyone has to have an ant-tell team. Depends what level of alliance you are, and what level you are at within that alliance.

If you include costumes, there’s a plethora of options for cleanse, which is pretty useful. No longer are we bound to stare at Rigard forever and a day in search of cleanliness! Although, we’ll probably continue to nod approvingly at the goatee.

I am F2P/C2P, pay only for VIP.

I have been playing for 30 months. I have 34 of 5* heroes of which
11 of them are HOTM,
3 of them are SS1 costume,
2 Atlantis’s, 1 Grimforest’s and 1 Guardian’s
The rest are SS1 normal.

I understand that you may feel the discrepancies, but it is not the case that being F2P/C2P is always handicapped. 2 other friends in my alliance is completely F2P and they both got more than 30 of 5* SS1 from TC20 and can easily compete with other fancy heroes pulled by P2P in AW or Raids.

When the time is come you will be able to get to good heroes, decent teams.
Keep on grinding.
Good luck.

It weights both.

Top 5 are in there cause that’s how the game accounts for the “war defence” team (assumes that you’ll field close to your strongest team).

Top 30 are then in there to account for your overall depth.

Then it also tracks the alliance’s past 20 war history & (as of V31) now tracks your individual performance over the past 20 wars.

In a couple months time, the individual war performance will replace the alliance war contribution.

This thread has a couple good summaries & the responses from the developers:

and here is where the devs said they were changing the “war history” component from alliance wide to individual:

I’m a F2P player that has been playing for 21 months and usually land toward the top of the leaderboard in wars even though many in my alliance has played longer and spent a lot more money than me.

I believe the algorithm that SG has used so far, the top heroes from each player, has been working out okay.

War is supposed to be a team effort. If a player is F2P then all he/she has to do is fight teams appropriate to his/her level. For example, if an alliance has a mix of P2P and F2P players (like most alliances are), usually the strongest P2P players deal with the strongest opponents, while the F2P player can easily deal with the more manageable targets. It’s all about how much the team scores as a whole.

Plus, being F2P doesn’t mean you can’t get HOTM or non-S1 heroes, so at the end of the day we all work with whatever we get. There’s no need to create a divide just by spending habits. It’s a game after all and we should have fun with our fellow alliance mates. That’s far more valuable than any credit card can buy. :slight_smile:

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That is what I do…

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