Fair reward of top hitters in Titans'hunt


Thank you for sharing… if I understand well, SG has put in place loot tier levels based on performance and Titan level (fair enough), however, the rewards remain random, exact?


So you are suggesting that higher tier receive guaranteed rewards. How good/much would that guaranteed reward be?


Take a breath, and go back over all the responses. You are set in your desire for better reeards because you deserve it, and are missing the point of team play.

If you are the big swinging richard of your alliance and of a sudden you get your loot buffed while the other allys get nerfed, why would they stay? Wouldn’t they search out or even start a new alliance where they are now A+? Thst would leave you fighting lesser titans, and back to the old loot.

You want fair for you while the game recognizes the need for team play. This is why loot tiers have different numbers of slots, and rng influences all but ham and iron.

Fairness imposed by chance.


Exactly. According to your performance on the Titan, you have guaranteed 1, 2, 3 or 4 (for tier 11 as 12, not in the post) ascension materials rolls. Your performance gives you more chances at materials but don’t guarantee the materials you’d get. An ascension material can be a backpack, a Tabard or a tonic. They’re all materials.

That’s why I motivate all members of my alliance to try their best to get to 3.3%, meaning rank B, so they have guaranteed 2 rolls, even if we’re letting a Titan escape.


Depending on Titan level, the stronger - the better


Hey @OneMillionYearsOldOrc,

maybe you want to join us in the alliance “TheIronclad” then…we always try to get the max out of our ability.
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Many thanks for your message and clarifications. I would suggest though A+ to be rewarded differently… just for your info, I am not the leader of my alliance and I am not the one who get the A+ rank and A rank. I believe in hard work and I believe in rewards when it comes to achievements.


Awards for achievements is a good sentiment. In a team environment like an alliance, the leader should have a way to reward.


You have extra rolls. If you had specific things for A+ and A, people would leave and form 5-people alliances


I agree with you, I have 7,5* heros and 5 are at 3,70 waiting to be ascended and it’s just shameful that I don’t even know if I’ll be able to ascend one of them this year or next year and I’ve been playing from February, so I’ve decided to cut back on my spending and just play the game for what it is and not get played by the game.


Chmm no alliance found :slight_smile:


Search for “Ironclad”. Leader is Lord Nexian…i am the co-leader.


A+ scorer gets one tier higher reward than anyone else. That’s good enough. Titan kills are a team effort. The fastest titan kills aren’t the ones where I score A+, they are the ones where all the “players in the middle” put in the effort.

If you want to move up a titan tier, look to bolstering the middle/lower scoring half of your alliance. They are where the room for growth is.

You, the A+ scorer, you’re not that important. You’re an example. But the team is very well capable of taking down the titan without you.

As a regular A+ scorer, I cheer for the unfarmable ascension mats my fellow players get. Because if they can improve their heroes, so will our titan results improve, and our war results. Team >> me.