Fair reward of top hitters in Titans'hunt


Hi all, hope you are enjoying your game experience. I have several comments and I would appreciate feedback from you and devs:
1- players who lead their alliance performance and regularly hit titans with best scores are usually rewarded with «farmable» or «scrappy» loots. Would see it fair to review that and guarantee 3/4 star ascension loots to A+ tier and a respectable % of reward to A tier.
2- I read a lot about the summon pull and odds should be increased for epic and legendary heroes. Summon packages are not that cheap to let the process as a gambling machine.
3- Many other successful games allow trading between players. SG should grant that feature to alliance members. It will keep the passion of the game and I can’t see it hurting their turnover.




Lots of people would agree with you, but everything you suggest would likely reduce spending.

As long as people are playing and spending, SG have little incentive to give away more mats and high level heroes.

I made my peace with that and just enjoy playing the game…if everything was made a bit easier, would everyone be satisfied or would there be more demands in a few months?

If you do P2W, thanks for funding the game, but it seems like expectations and experience are often a source of stress.


The problem with guaranteed better loot for A+ is that then no one would be in an alliance that they are not the top hitter. Killing 12* and gettin c would be stupid if you could be killing 1* and getting A+ and better loot.

The others are hard to disagree with, but unlikely to happen for the reason @JonahTheBard mentioned: money.


Me the past few months playing E&P


Good news, nobody :joy:



I’ve been an A+ / A titan hitter since I’ve been playing the game and the way the loot system is now (pretty random) really is the best way. Making it more grade oriented makes the game move towards P2W and really discourages the F2P/ light spending community.
Titan loot is daily and can’t be good every day and you need to view titan loot weekly or biweekly.
Higher damage grades give higher loot tiers and if you’re unhappy with your current A+ loot their are alternatives to compensate for it. 1st would be to move up to a bigger titan, 2nd would be to use cheaper items vs the titan and start trying to compete in events (top 10 in events is usually better than 1 month of titan loot)
Titan loot tier 9 starts with 3 ascension rolls and tier 15 gives 4 rolls. Loot gets better with higher star titans. Try to put yourself in the best situation with titan size/score/loot tier/alliance you enjoy.


Know what u mean

Awards hit the bottom

the same, again. can you killed a 7 or 8 titan only? No, you need the group, but you want, like others, to perpetuate the difference. Your other servants


Recently I get better loot from escaped than defeated titans :smiley:


Chmm i would like to put myself to best situation but your alliance is full and criteria for join too high :frowning: :sunny:
But there is one thing what i do not like on your idea. A lot ppl play this game with friends and if they will find their best then they have to separate becouse friends are not enough strong or play occasionaly. So is this game good only for ppl without friends or with big ego ? And other have to be frustrate ? I think that the gap betwen best alli and average alli is too big. For example - rare titan. It help again to top alli instead to all. On low lvl titan is chance to get item = miracle. Or monthly event - why there is not for the easy one ascending reward ? Its not only about P2W or F2P.


There is nothing wrong with growing with an alliance as a player. Most A+ played routinely outgrow their alliance and have to make the hard choice of moving up to a bigger titan.
Rare titans help out all alliances that are on 5 stars and up. I’ve never seen what the drop %'s on rares are at each star range (doubt anyone is tracking this without Revlate around) but I’d say they are about the same across all star ranges.
Ascension items are much easier to get now than just 6 months ago. Your 1st few ascensions are the slowest to get mainly cause you’re on smaller titans. As you progress to bigger titans you’ll get more ascension items.




I am now in alliance where they dont choice what lvl titan they will kill or not. I think they have enough power to kill 8 or 9* but they have problem to kill 6* becouse they do not play every day. I know, you cant imagine it :slight_smile: but that is how it goes down in swamp…

And a lot of them are stuck with their 4* heroes and 5* heroes to ascend becouse they dont have enough 3* ascend item. And it take half a year to get them. And they dont know much for what is 4* item :wink:

higher rare titan has bigger chance for item. ( in Sg it means 5* has chance 0,000001% and 10* 0,00002% )

I think you should come here and try to play one month with this ppl. Two months ago i didnt think about it like now. I played in top 100 guild and didnt see it so clearly.


But still i think system is good but the numbers could be a little bit better. Or can grow with each killed titan withous item…


You are showing theory, experience shows something else. Something is definitely wrong with current system, people are not blind. I personally think that number of rolls maybe are increasing but probability to actually get something from these rolls is decreased. There is logic behind it. You are a winner, other have to catch you and therefore other actually have higher chance to get AM. Or purposely to be the strongest player in alliance to get most AM and therefore you actually are getting less.

Huge problem is that all these beta testers are actually top players. It is completely wrong. Top players are giving feedback about game :smiley: These folks are out of reality, they have no clue what means to play with 5* 3/70 heroes for months and months. They have no clue what means that half of alliance sometimes is active, sometimes very passive. In beta testing they are trying out maxed out heroes, alliances are active and in the end we can see wrong feedback given about new heroes and almost all new changes favor to top teams. I don’t want to go deeper because I already started off topic.

In top alliances players are much more equal, almost every player can get A+ and A grade. In most alliances situation is completely different, players are very mixed, from p2w and very active to f2p and not that active. It is easy to say - change alliance. For example I’m Latvian and we are not able to make very strong alliances. Game has very poor communication tools. It is my choice to stick with my country men, true. But why I’m punished for that!? Game supposed to give us fun but somehow in some way we are loosing fun.


If you complaining about your alliance is full of inactive ppl resulting in only beating low level Titan, leave. Find an alliance that actually is active. Plenty of good alliances out there looking for active members, because the kick slackers. If you want to play with friends that barely play, then you have to settle for less loot.
If you going to just say I am one of those top players, know that I played for almost a year with mostly only 4*. And have only gotten 5* in the last few months.


I have never said that, I am not in top 100 alliance or invite only alliance, so members have different power level, depending on their strategy and spare time to the game… I see it unreasonable to reward the best soldiers with normal loots. Regards


Agree with your view, but I was suggesting to peg the loots to the performance and the level of Titan.


So yeah, you confirm it is random…


Agree, it is another vision.of the game… for my self experience, I made friends within the alliance, however we behave like soldiers when.It comes to.AW and Titan, so we have only one target: progress to all members… we started with 4 star titans and we are hitting 7-8 star now. We are not in.hurry but we try to make.the progress consistently for all.members.