Fair play and game becoming not fun

I think part of it is as you’re growing, you’re now playing against much more seasoned players, so the competition is going to be tougher.

I’m one of those people that is wiping people out with me having much less power; large in part because I’ve adapted my raiding to choosing the right heroes, choosing the right targets, knowing when and where to use my specials, and a little bit of luck.

You’re not playing against Johnny Beginner anymore, or Ivan Intermediate.
Embrace the challenge of going against those that know what they’re doing. It makes beating them that much more sweet.


Could u elaborate what do u mean by making this game more enjoyable?

A fair fight, even one i lose, is fun. I really not care about the trophys. Fighting a team 200 weaker than i and not even getting a single kill for it… is not.

I understand RNG and that sometimes it will dislike me. When it sometimes happens, its even funny. But it happens more and often now. Something has changed, whether RNG itself, hero balance, or other factor.

I dont all know what to suggest to make it right. Im not sure what has made it wrong. Hopefully the devs or the other posters here can know the things to do. If they start by asking what is enjoyable, what is frustrating, then they will know where to look.

Sorry for English. I took longer to get first post right.

I don’t make it a habbit to complain too much because I do enjoy this game, but I agree there are some issues with fairness. In particular, the fact that a fairly new or “weaker” player can defeat a much higher opponent. This is what drove me to make a post:
I am annoyed with losing most wars in my alliance. We have not won 1 war in a very long time, and I really think we are an average guild. We have good players with some good and others not so good teams (power and number wise). My expectations are for the weaker players to get a few points and be defeated, but our stronger players to be much harder to defeat and earn more points. I do not understand how a team with much less power can overcome assistance in war and defeat a high level opponent with just 1 flag.
I can accept being beat by a team that is 2 or even 3 hundred power below me in a raid or a war, but I cannot understand how a player, who presumably uses their best team as defense in a war, can be 600 power less with troops less than half the level of mine, and more than 15 levels below me can take out my best team while I am being assisted (war assist) with only 1 flag. I can understand if they got 1 or 2 heroes and then went back to finish the job, but one flag? I have worked hard to level up my team and troops and I get defeated so easily? This should never happen. Not at such a gap in levels and power.
We were doing great in this last war until this. The other team caught up and surpassed us and it is in part to this bologna. Just do away with team power if it means nothing as this outcome suggests. It is very frustrating to keep losing. We have only had 1 war chest reward since they started and we arent’ getting one here either if we lose.


How do you know what they are using with their one flag . Their TP for instance could be much higher in attack heroes than defence

Also what level are you . I’m new myself but even I know that 5* heroes have higher TP , but if they are unlevelled they will get wiped out by max 4*

Also if you have right combo TP don’t matter . I constenyly can win in raids against players with 400+ and better troops than me

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Team Power is a reasonable comparative measure between two offenses, or between two defenses. What it is not good for is comparing offenses to defenses.

In this game, the attacker has a very strong advantage once team power gets past about 2500-2700 points. There are several reasons for this, and this excellent post by @NPNKY is basically the bible for this issue:

A good defense is one that will win when boards are marginal (or worse) for the attacker. If an attacker has a good board, only insufficient availability of the right kind of hero for a team, poor team selection, or poor play will cause a loss.

This is why most advanced players focus more on building a strong, diverse roster of attacking heroes, rather than squeezing every last drop of juice out of their defense team. There’s nothing you can do to keep your defense from being beatable, but there’s a lot you can do to make sure you’re winning fights on offense as often as possible.


I completely agree. I have been a player for over a year now and I’m starting to also find that it feels like something has changed. For wars almost every time i stack 2 or more heros of one color it starts me off with maybe 2 or 3 scattered tiles of that color and very few spawn of that color throughout the battle. Ita not just 1 or 2 battles here and there. Its pretty much EVERY SINGLE BATTLE! I’m getting disgusted and pissed off with it. I get that’s it’s supposed to be RNG, but it feels like something is off with the game anymore. Im getting crushed by teams in wars now when i attack a team that i should easily beat because all it does is give me a board full of tiles of colors im not using and its doin it 3 and 4 times in a row. Cant win when the enemy specials all go iff twice before i can get a single heros special off on my team. It needs fixed somehow. I have 6 good teams and a good variety of heros to use in war and yet it does me no good with the b.s. boards i get anymore. Its been numerous wars in a row this had been happening too now. Its becoming not worth my time, energy or money that i put into the game to get screwed over all the time now!

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U should see my thread where we can beat FULL 5* exclusive team with only using regular 4* team. That’s make you reconsider about what u are talking about. It is not about fair or not fair. Skill and strategy play an important role on the offenser side


I am well aware of using strategy and skill. No amount of strategy can overcome a board full of tiles of a color you don’t have and not getting barely any tiles of the color heros you are using. I have taken out teams of 5* heros with a team of heros barely leveled with good boards and good strategy, but no amount of skill or strategy can overcome terrible boards


Quit. Seriously. Take a break.

There are a ton of cool new features coming. Just quit and come back.

It could be the best thing you ever did.


Sorry, i have same boards as before.
Not really see the difference from version to version.


If you are rarely getting the boards to support your current strategy… maybe its time to try a different stratagy? For me as time goes on I put less and less weight on team power and look closely at the skills of my opponents heroes instead. I then chose heroes that will work best against those skills and learn as i go what tends to work and what tends not to. That is what makes the game more enjoyable for me. I don’t enjoy colour stacking very much, it is too much of a gamble, I can acknowledge that when it works it really works. But when it doesn’t… it isn’t fun for me.

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I’m not understanding the op, how do you know how close the fights are when your defending, or the lvl of the opponents attack team

Just looking at your opponents def is absolutely pointless in judging the strength of your opponent

Numerous players use a weaker def in raiding in order to maintain a lvl of cups in which they can fill chests in 8-9 raids.

It’s a widely used strategy, in regards to war, you certainly can’t judge a players depth by their defence either. I’ve seen players who have 6 3k+ teams but their defence is only 3400. I’ve also seen players with 4k+ def who after 1 hit struggle to pick up 50pts with the other 5 flags

What I’m hearing is… My team shouldn’t ever be beaten by a lesser team, otherwise somethings obviously wrong… Off has the advantage end of story, whether it be by colour stacking or selecting a good synergy which subdues your def while they pick hero’s off 1 by 1

I hear so many complaints, I’ve lost 400 cups over night… So what, guess what your next raid chest will be a piece of cake to fill… Unless your chasing global top 100 for your only personal satisfaction… Cups really have no value

I raid an maintain platinum easily, occasionally diamond at the difference in rewards isn’t noticeable to me, I streaked 14 diamond chests no mats at all, dropped to platinum and got 2 scopes in 3 chests. Its all rng, have fun and don’t stress


Unfair means a raid fight like this and fighting teams like this alot is not fun & I’m waiting for AM
My team

Teams like this l seeing more then not

2-2-1 red-blue-purple and that team crumbles

@NPNKY don’t have alot of choices yet only around 2 months of playing still trying to develop my box & what team can i run for the event I updated my characters level on the post when I got Grimm that you liked

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I have found, as I grow and progress up the ranks along with my teammates, that we face stronger, more experienced opponents.

Strategy, teamwork, and communication become more and more critical for any chance at success.

Not every team you see on the opponents’ side is their strongest team, or necessarily their best heroes.

We have had wars, where we faced teams where several of us knew the other alliance members either thru chat, here on forums, or as former teammates…and we set up a Line group to share videos etc.

It was really fun, and we learned a lot from each other…along with some good-natured joking around!

I have seen some requests to be able to see the raid team that actually attacks us, since it is rarely the defense team they have showing. I think that would go a long way towards understanding, and learning perhaps, some of the many different mechanics that can come into play.


This is getting old really quick
My team

The team i got for a raid 1000 higher then me

Keep leveling, you’ll get there.

EDIT: Did you reroll? Or face them strictly because they showed up? Or did they attack you? Because the team you showed isn’t your defense team.

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