Fair Matchmaking procedure offered, useful tools for Alliance Wars - please, support


Well, I think there is currently a problem with the rating system for players regarding AW matching. I have two accounts. One account has 15 maxed 5* and plenty of support 4* as well as Max 3rd 5* to comprise teams. My second account has 23 Maxed 5* and more than enough max tier 3 5* and 4-70 4* to make up the remaining 7 Heroes plus some. Both accounts have the exact same AW rating score. Not one or two points off. Not in the general vacinity of each other. The same exact individual AW war score. I really don’t think this is correct or even possible with a well designed rating system.


Are you referencing the alliance war score found by tapping on the question mark next to the alliance score? And are these teams in the same alliance?

If so, that score is for your entire alliance. It is not an individual score. This would explain why the scores are identical for both teams.


Our war scores are only 1000 off with them over us. However, dont know if it mater but our titan score is higher. Were only at level 3 and pushing 4. This have anything do with matching?


@NDarkNS Alliance scores (Which include Titan scores) were used when wars were first introduced, but too many alliances were manipulating the matches by dropping cups and not hitting titans. This metric is no longer used.

The alliance you are facing may not be very involved in hitting titans. Or, perhaps, they don’t have as good of an understanding on the best Titan tactics so aren’t as high as your alliance. There are many reasons for this difference… but none relating to wars :wink:


Lol, no. I don’t keep my two accounts in the same alliance. I’m talking about the individual AW score of each account. You can find this out when a war is not in session by looking at the team AW score, then opting out of AW. A minute or two later a revised team score pops up and you simply subtract that from the AW score when you are opted in for AW. It gives you your individual AW score.


@Otto0000 Ok, that makes much more sense! :grin:


How is the win/loss situation in the 2 alliances ?
How about troops?
How about defense team ?


Well, they are both top 10 alliances. The Win/loss ratio is a bit better in my main account’s favor. Their defensive teams are pretty much the same except my Second account’s Tank is Delilah instead of Guinevere. The troops are actually about the same. A bit better on my main’s account overall, but I was under the impression that troops don’t currently count.


There an official post/grouping of threads were we can make more AW suggestions? Search isn’t helping. 4hrs to go, Were 500pts under with there 33atks vs our 13.


The best troop in each color counts.


Great to hear. Now all they need to do is require 6 defensive teams to be set up with each team “retired” after being defeated and matchmaking will be much more accurate.


Thanks for your reply - I will replace the idea of blocks with the idea of status indicators - I’m glad you see the usefulness and harmlessness of this feature.

Regarding War Scores: I’m gonna address this also to @Ladysuzanne 'cause she was also involved in this topic - the fact is hell apparent - actual Matchmaking, let’s put it straight, sucks and as soon as it works just bad and you keep getting surprisingly weak or too strong opponents, it should be changed as soon as possible - I have outlined to my current understanding pretty much a lightweight Matchmaking procedure with a pair of sorting involved which I guess are not some heavy nonlinear sorting algorithms.

Anyways, Staff Members, I dunno many of them, probably @Petri or @Sara , I think you should start communicating with us on this thread, because I introduced at least something pretty much specific and much better looking that the current Matchmaking based on these I have to say ugly War Scores - they are so bad that we literally get every single time either a very weak or a very strong opponent.

Guys, Developers, if you cannot or don’t want to talk with us publicly, you are free to contact me and we could discuss some more details if you need my assistance at all.

Otherwise, guys, please, get involved in this thread and let’s discuss how heavy are some steps in the introduced approach, what should be specified or just bring your own better ideas - Matchmaking is an apparent massive problem I guess (and I indicated several reasons for that).

Empires is a nice game but this sick and lame Matchmaking that keeps annoying us for so many months is NO GO to have any more.

Devs, if you know what to do and how to do - just announce that you’ll bring a fair and nice Matchmaking with your coming updates and just do this thing :smile: