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I have two 3* heroes that refuse to level up past level 5. I can’t think of their names but one is purple skeleton who attacks all enemies ; the other is a red African who throws fireballs to all enemies. I have used several 1, 2, and 3* heroes to try to level them past level 5, but it just refuses to do so! This adds up to several gems being wasted and thousands of hams also being wasted. I have heard and listened and been extremely patient with the words you have said that it will level up in time. Well, time has come and gone and they have not leveled up! Please, fix this bug! It is very frustrating to feed hundreds of lesser and equal heroes and gems and food only to have nothing happen!

There is only a percentage chance that a hero’s special will level when you feed them other heroes. The only way to guarantee a rise is to get that chance to 100%, best done by feeding 4 of the same hero to them.
I probably could have leveled and ascended another yellow 3* from scratch to completely finished with what it took me to get my Bane to 8/8.
It’s not a bug per se, but I do personally think there needs to be a change to improve the special increase chance once the character is otherwise leveled.

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It seems some heroes are just born with a bad luck.
Have the same problem sometimes ago, and i wasted hundreds of heroes with no results.

Believe me or not, it just be faster for me took another hero from zero (and halfway it was already at 8/8)

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Thanks for your support. I appreciate the forum, because others who have or have had same problem can share their experience and wisdom.

I have used 95% heroes of the same color. Only every now and then throw in some off-color ones because others have had good luck using them.

I agree with your thought of making the chances better to level up. Something needs to be done for sure.

When I got back to my teams after posting first complaint, I realized that I have a 4* green hero, skittleskull, that is also stuck at level 5.

I have plenty of other heroes to improve upon, but I usually move on to the next after I have gotten other heroes maxed at 8/8, not 8/5.

Thanks for your support.


I have a Gunnar after all these months still obstinately stuck at 3/8 (otherwise maxed).

The only method I haven’t tried is feeding him 4x other Gunnars. Guess which method I will be trying? :grin:


Madam, the tales of your broken Gunnar has become the story of legends. I’ve heard they have written unheroic hymns about him.

I am guessing you are this close of dumping him in favor of training a new Gunnar, a smarter, more sensible Gunnar, a more considerate, gentle Gunnar. One that preferably gets to 5/8 before the first ascension Gunnar.


O ye of 3/8 fame
The biggest loser of my game
I’d like to set your card aflame…

There’s nothing more that I can do
To show how really much I loathe you
I guess I’ll get a card that’s newwwer!

Sung badly to the Rambo theme :grin:


Has anyone ever tried to throw single heroes at them to try to see if their special will max? I used 1 hero once to level Bane to max level in order to ascend and his special leveled up. Previously I had fed him pure yellows with 24-30 ish percentage chance and the 2% chance was the one that made him level up. Truly RNG

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Yes, I’ve tried mixed (rainbow) 1* Cards, with eh mixed results.

First attempt took 12 cards to level up a hero from 6/8 to 7/8.

Second attempt I stopped at around 40 cards with no success, same hero, trying to get 8/8.

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Yeah for a 3* hero, at some point, unless you’re using them for events or something it might be best to cut your losses.

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A leveled Gunnar is very nice to have for the beginner levels in events.

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I have a Berden stuck on level 5 special as well. So far have only fed green x 10 each time. Is he a known problem as well? Keep trying, try feeding differently or walk away?

Any answers or advice appreciated.

Honestly I think each card is unique (meaning your Bergen is different from my Berden which is different from someone else’s Berden, etc.)

If the card won’t level, and you’ve tried all methods, either feed 4 Berden duplicates, which gives 100% chance skill up, or start over with a new Berden. (The start over decision is harder to make with a 4/5*, with more invested, but happens much less frequently than with a 3*.)

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I had a tyrum at 5/8 when he reached lvl50. I fed him 4 tyrums and had luck once with just throwing some purples at him, now I am saving up tyrums again for that last lvl (only need him again for the guardian event, so will get 3 more tyrums before then I think).

Btw I used to have Oberon, he is about the worst 3* out there, so I wouldn’t waste anything on him, just level another purple, balthazar, tyrum or prisca.

Thanks for getting back to me Rook. I enjoy reading your posts in the forum.

I was afraid this was where I was at. Trying to rush before event.

Had a brain fart and fed Ishtak(I think???) to Zeline when I got her and Berden. Forgot about leveling. It had been a while.

Thanks again for the quick response.

Any exciting inside info/gossip you want to share???:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::grin:

Have a great day!

Me gossip? Naaaah! :grin:

Zeline is good. You will get more Berdens and Isshtaks to replace those fed, no worries.

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I have a maxed Berden stuck at 7. I will be honest and say I haven’t fed him anything since I maxed him. Have others to level.

May give him a shot with a couple spares. I will report back.

In other news my Joon had been stuck at 4 for about 40 heros (10 yellows always). Took a shot and threw 7 at him today and BAM. Special level 5

ok no love for Berden. Fed him 3 green. TBH not going to waste more trying. I have better to level but I like him so I keep him around.

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