Failure of Cabin boy Peters to silence Proteus during war battle

Hey my alliance member just lost a battle due to using Cabin boy Peters silence special skill on a fully charged Proteus and Proteus firing anyway. Has anyone else had this happen?

Is he sure that he actually HIT Proteus?

Could have missed due to:

  • Enemy blind
  • Wu Kong or Ranvir effect
  • Realm bonus from Niflheim realm

The team he hit consisted of kadilen, colen, vivica, proteus and richard. In that order. None of them ready to fire except Proteus. I’m just waiting for him to fill me in on who else was on his attacking team.

He had with him Melendor and Gaderius but can’t remember the other two. He hit Proteus, the silence symbol came up and the mana bar of Proteus greyed out. Then Proteus immediately hit him anyway preventing 3 of his heroes from gaining mana.

Did Vivica fire before Proteus? Cause she can cleanse the silence :thinking:


None of the opposition hero’s had any mana but Proteus. Which has already been explained.

If your alliance mate is sure of all this, then it might be a bug. I don’t suppose he has a video of the battle, does he?

No unfortunately . Its a shame.

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