Failure connexion during titan's attack


Hi, there was a bug during my last titan’s attack with a failure connexion: today, at 4:00 pm (France) i was connected for one shot titans attack, i chosed my team and lunched for the fight. I never done my shot because i was disconnected …

So i lost my one shot and i won a big zero like score…:confused: Could you please do anyhing about this? Thank you.

Titans and AW - a bit more resilience against Connection Failure

Sorry pal, happened to me 6 times already, and its a lost attack =(


Bad new :frowning::sob:
Thanks Squall👍


Happened to myself as well as to one of my alliance mates :frowning:



Did you all happen to go on when small giant said they were being closed for maintenance update?


Well, in my case, the problem was all mine. My phone recognized the wifi signal but only the LAN was active, not internet access. It switched auto from 4G to WiFi just the seconds I took to hit the button to attack the titan.
It kept loading and loading and loading, until the blue warning "no connection found"
When I returned, 0 attack :disappointed_relieved:


No during normal game but since i load the new version many bugs about connexion


Because of the new version bug?


The game just kicked me out during a attack. Nort the first time. Fix that ■■■■. Should at least get the damage done already… Bullshit!!!