Failing Raid Defense

I know it’s not ideal to have dual Healers in raid defense but it’s what I’m stuck with… I’m hoping that my positioning of heros is what’s contributing to me losing in raids/war(defense). From left to right:
Sonya (4^18)
Wu Kong (3^60)
Rigard (3^60)
Khagan (2^60)
Melendor (4^30)

My Khagan is relatively weak (need hidden blades) and his Mana is slow so he dies in the middle before he can trigger special.

I battled someone with a Wu in the middle and he annihilated me. What about
A) Sonya, Melendor, Wu, Khagan, Rigard

Or Sonya is more my tank with fast special
B) Melendor, Wu, Sonya, Khagan, Rigard

What do you guys think?

(Also, I have a Chao I’m working to lvl and just got Zim. They are too weak right now for upcoming war, but input on that is appreciated)

I personally don’t like Wu for defense. He’s too much of a gamble imho.

What other yellow and red heroes do you have to swap out Wu and Khagan. Both are not ideal at the moment (Khagan too weak and Wu is just Wu) :smiley:

Out of the current 5 heroes you presented, I’d go with this setup: Sonya, Melendor, Rigard, Khagan, Wu.
Once Chao and Zim are leveled, I’d definitely swap them out for Wu and Khagan.

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There is no other place for Wu in defense than your extreme right, the AI shoots from left to right. Otherwise, if it is up, the only tank or similar that I see is Rigard, at the center and a slow khagan, so low, it can only be on the far left in case it gives you time to shoot.

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