Fading stars: CRigard and CMel

Rigard and Melendor with their costumes have been some of the most useful and accessible four stars in the game since their release, but the power creep has overcome them in a big way recently. Slash attacks, hits from random mobs in S5, and faster, harder hitting specials have made their 200 health a turn seem paltry. I am actually moving back towards using their cb forms when I need a healer because 42% health is a lot more than 609 for most 4 and 5 stars and with the speed of the game I need health now.

And so, thanks for the load you two have carried. It is sad to say it, but even in my F2P roster, you just aren’t keeping up.


Quite true…
In present meta, health>2000hp needed…


Good points, although I like fully emblemed C Melendor’s 50% chance of dispelling upon tile hit, but I guess Kiril does that too


I agree, although I tend to take 2x S1 4* healers for each war flag and that family bonus makes them a bit more sturdy :thinking:. I should add, I only have 1x 5* healer… Reg Vivica :disappointed_relieved:


I’m still using 2 of my Rigards 1 with costume and one without.
I used Melendor without the costume mostly.
And I’m still using BT with and without costume and Kiril with costume

I’d say that you’re playing aganist defenses which are too strong for this heroes, I’m sure that originally the developers didn’t plan to release a 4* that would be strong enough to handle strongest 5* defenses…

You can compare the same in lower level, you probably won’t go with Hawkmoon against 4* defenses

I do criticize the developers for the huge amount of heroes recently released, I don’t even bother to remember what each of them does, and of course the endless overpower and unbalance of the game.

But in this case I’d suggest that you play in lower level


Well it was time for them to Tidy Up!


Funny isn’t it? Few years back people were raving about Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk… there were even folks who recommended having 6 Rigard levelled for war.

How times have changed and how power has creeped….


So I was always really a non costume version fan. ( The 42% immediately was always higher on my priority list)

I think one of the other things that has hasnt helped in the case of Rigard has been the recent predominance of purple tanks along with new options of great healers in other more complementary colours eg D’Andre, the one from Wo3K, Anna-Belle along with the fall in popularity of DoT on defence teams so the likes of C-Sabina took his place.

I still use as many 4* healers as I did, they are just different ones in a lot of cases now.


With the costume bonus, cRigard and cMel require lower mana troops to charge in 9 tiles. While there are better 4* healers now, I would still use them when I need to shift the higher mana/magic/styx troops to 5* heroes either for the mana boost or the higher attack


If you are talking about me, I still use Rigard all the time. But, I almost always used the regular version.

The only reason why cSabina is starting to be more used is because of all the taunters and riposte heroes. It doesn’t reflect on Rigard’s usefulness, rather that cleanse isn’t as important as it used to.


Can’t wait for Rigard and Melendor’s 2nd costume!!! Overheals, berserker attack boost, and cleanses and dispels. C’mon SG…LET’S DO THIS!!! #wishlist


I levelled 4xCRig and use them all every war. Just don’t tell them they’re no longer useful :wink:.


Yep … I get that.
But to be fair I now have a few 5* healers so haven’t really used the 4* heroes in war or for Titans for a while…
That said when you consider the S1 bonus, if you pair them up, they can still make a positive contribution to your team …

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Base cBoldtusk, cRigard, and cKiril are still used every day by me, 4 years in. Melendor less so.


Fading? :thinking:

Costume Rigard remains a mainstay in my attacks against tough opponents in war (typically TP5000+) and raids. For me there isn’t another hero in my roster who can displace him.

And that’s the crux of it, I think. If one is only comparing stats and specials, then he probably has been displaced. This is regardless of whether one has the more powerful hero as it’s a matter of theoretical comparison. But whether one’s own roster this new costume Rigard-displacing hero? That’s an entirely different matter.

That’s the problem of stats creep and specials creep. Specials creep is more of an issue for me than stats, and this started with Telly. At the time no other hero could do as much as Telly could (regardless of the subsequent ‘rebalancing’). This was an issue with the increase in the special’s effects. Now we have ‘passives’ which are boxed away elsewhere to prevent the specials box from becoming a dissertation on what they can do…

But as time went on newer heroes have specials which may not be countered if one’s roster lacks that specific hero with the special to counter them. Forget the PvP aspect, think S4 boss. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a minion eater/destroyer of some form then it’s pretty hopeless.

Basically, if you have a hero which does the same job with better stats and more special effects (ooo… shiny…), then great. If you don’t, then they’re still pretty solid - assuming you have complementary heroes around them.

That said, I rarely ever use costume Melendor… :laughing:


I only have 2x each, but I still often use both Kiril, Boldtusk, C-Rigard or C-Sabina, and C-Melendor every war myself :slight_smile: and certainly in every Tower event.

LBed and highly emblemed, I still do find them sturdy enough for where I am raiding. :slight_smile:

this seems sound, in lower Diamond I find C-Rig and C-Mel and the other 4* vanilla healers are still very viable :slight_smile:


I am so happy I got these two, I use them in most of my teams. Fully LBed, costumed and emblemmed, they can hold their ground, at least partly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But yes, most older heroes are becoming outdated relatively fast these days, I do agree. Still, there are far worse costumes :blush: I guess my excitement is probably also because, I have no five star healers that heal all, other than Noor, so don´t mind me :smile:

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I still use them often. Not sure I’d there has been a war where I haven’t used mel in the past year (maybe rush).

Rigard has fallen a bit for me due to non stop dark tanks and “less” DOT meta from a few years ago.

I find c.Sabina has become more useful than rigard.

The season one hero who has dropped off the most is boldtusk. Attack up isn’t as valuable as dispel or cleanse. I go multiple wars in a row without using him.


I think they are still very usefull, but I also agree that in mid and high diamond they are not as good as they used to be. Newer heroes like d’André or Ana-Belle are often a better choice. The heal over time from C-Rigard is much less effective and often not enough anymore to stay alive. You get big hits, so you need pretty big heals to survive.

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I onlly have normal Mother North and Vivica. If I got Vivica’s 2nd costume, I would consider using her more. But pure slow healers don’t see much usage. Yes MN revives, but it happens so infrequently when i use her that it is useless and she doesn’t heal much.

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