Fading out heroes from your roster

Hi folks,

today I decided to quit my „read-only-status” and to become a registered member. So first of all, I want to throw a “hello” in the round and say “thank you” for all the help I received by all of you in the past by reading here.

I joined the game when Zelina was Hotm, so I´m not a total newbie to the game, even with a break of several month I had to take some time ago.

OK, so far, so good, the reason for my first post is that, in my opinion, the navigation through a bigger rooster is, let´s stay smart, not very user-friendly. There are really great suggestions regarding filtering out there, but one thing I´m still missing is the option to make some heroes invisible to your rooster, comparable to the favourite-mark.

It would be such a great help when all doubles or bench-sitting heroes won´t be shown for wars, quests, feeding …. unless you delete the mark and make them visible again.

My rooster, for example, consists of 238 heroes at the moment, many of them double or more (leader is 11 x Malosi :wink:). In joyful expectation of the Hero Academy or the possibility to change heroes in ascension mats as suggested in another thread, I´ll keep at least the 5*-doubles for the future, but scrolling through them ever and ever again is really annoying.

It would already be an improvement to integrate a scrollbar, however, but this idea isn´t really new.

OK, I´m done so far and hope you could follow my thoughts. Unfortunately, English is not my native language :wink:.

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards

Agreed. I’m out of votes but would be a nice change

I like the idea. It might also prevent an error I have made a few times when I feed the wrong hero, e.g., I am working on my second Grimm and accidentally level up my third Grimm. Am I the only who has done that?