Facts you may not know about small Giant games

Small Giant is a Finland based company founded in 2013.




Based at 42 Kasarmikati 5th floors
00120 Helsinki Finland

Small Giant is a small young company.

Quoted from a Venturebeat interview:

The title is one of the few new entrants that has successfully broken into the top 100 grossing games in Western markets. That’s pretty good for a game that 12 people built. And Small Giant Games remains small, with just 25 employees.

Timo SOININER goes on to say.

About 33 percent of the user base is active on a monthly basis, and a million players come back every day.

Small Giant reported earning 33 million in less than it’s first year from it’s flagship game Empires & Puzzles and reportedly have recived another 41 million from an investment Consortium.

Big plans from a small company that is at this time struggling to keep it’s players concern about the games changes and direction in check.

This small company could be on the brink of great thing if it would only listen to the very specific and well documented complaints from it’s own player base.

I myself have seen the game go downhill patch after patch. I have invested over a year to the game and more money then I care to admit but if things don’t change that 33 percent you are so proud of may stop coming back.

My fingers are crossed for SG to make the right decisions in the coming months.



They don’t care, they are laughing all the way to the bank…someone prove me wrong…(Good luck).

We all can’t wrong.

Just my opinion.


Churn is expected in mobile gaming. Players go out, players come in.

Game systems are generally designed to maximize profit within the expected churn period.

You see this with introductory offers and game mechanisms designed to hook players and intrigue them (gacha).

SG did a great job designing this game. Simple art work and game mechanics. Gacha fun time. Alliances. RPG. Town building. Strategy.

There is almost literally something for everyone.

E&P has already been a massive success. To suggest that the complaints of, even a vocal minority compared to a silent majority who might silently be raging don’t speak to SG ears as well as their reports we don’t have access to:

  • daily income, trending reports over time of spending per player.

  • total users

  • users out / users in

Trending these simple things over time SG can tell objectively how their product is faring. If the spending or the player base begin to dip, in concurrence with a large number of complaints about issue(s) then they can adjust course to see if it favorably impacts income.

Otherwise, they just keep churning, and printing money.

I think it’s a bleak world we live in where the happiness of an entertainment consumer is only considered when it hits the bottom line, but that’s where we are.

(And, to be fair, a large weight of this system’s existence lays at the feet of we the players. But darnit to heck. They really did build a good game machine here!)


I agree, when I started this game it was to get away from games like war and order. Pvw revenge based games that used rage to get players to dig deep in their pockets. E&P was a breath of fresh air after a couple years of hate.

The game modle is fantastic, it’s there so called improvements that are driving people away. My little post was just to pass out a little information on who is pulling the strings and where their mind may be at.

I doubt they care about my voice anymore since I have 2 TC at level 20 pumping out hero’s every 24 hours and I no longer even buy the VIP pass.

My complaints or concerns do not in any way effect their bottom line. So as I said I cross my fingers and hope for the best.


Just FYI… It is customary to include the references from where your statements were acquired from. This is a nice summary, but I’d be more interested in reading the actual articles…

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It took only a second to copy some parts of the text into google and find the source:

That’s awesome, thanks…

Just FYI… It is customary to include the references from where your statements were acquired from. This is a nice summary, but I’d be more interested in reading the actual articles…

If you read the top of my post I did reference my source.


Hello everyone.

Just to keep this (interesting) topic alive, I’d like to add the last informations I found :

Small Giant Games just got bought at 80 % by Zynga, for 560 millions $.

They will get the last 20 % within the next 3 years.

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