Facing The Same Team In The Raid Tournament Twice--Possible Matching Bug?

I not sure if this is a bug with the matching or not but i faced the same team twice today in the raid tournament.

Players can have identical name and avatar, maybe they are 2 players. If not, its probably bug.

It’s defintely the same guy, same alliance / cups / team power.

It happened a lot in beta that you’d face the same guy I just wasn’t sure if they were expecting this to be possible in the main game, other than the fact I couldn’t beat them I don’t particularly mind that i fought twice

Doesn’t seem like a bug, but a rarity.

My defense in the raid tournament got attacked by the same player twice today, with hours apart. It must be very unlikely to roll the same opponent twice in the same tournament…? Lucky for me, I won both :smile:


Hi @Lucine, seeing as this is the second report of this happening, it might be worth submitting a support ticket to SG so they can take a look at it.

Since we don’t know exactly how the matching algorithm works, it’s entirely possible that the pool of possible matches around you was small enough that this could happen–but that, in and of itself, would seem like something SG should look at and think about.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:


I’d make sure to include that screenshot.

Thanks @Garanwyn I did submit a ticket now. I was a bit lazy with the search and didn’t look for this topic very much, sorry for the double post :roll_eyes::smile:

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Same here 2x.

Happened to me as well this morning.

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