👊 facepunch S4 surprise OP <easy-normal> stages tracking: 28-2,6; 29-8; 30-2,6 and so on _ _ _

so far

30-2,6 and so on…

as this 2400 instead of 1500 attack on mobs on easy s4? is intended, lets track those stages.

just found another stage like this

p.s. it’s easy to spot: when you auto-farm you hear your hero dying :smile:




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Saw this thread too late to screencap but 30-2 definitely caught me off guard!


ATK stat on hard mode is 3500+. Mobs hit fully emblemed 5* heroes for 500+ damage with each slash.

Mostly came to this thread to see if anyone else was experiencing a weird “leap” in enemy attack strength or whatever. Because I don’t think they should be able to one shot my heroes like they are, even the bosses usually take some time before they’re able to do that.

yes 30-2 is the same

they deffinitely tweaked some things, cause in first day on easy, a mob was doing 350(not 750) damage, and now on 30-2 same mob with 2800 atk (not2400 as in 28-2) is doing 450: they didnt (probably they upped or not decreased - nope) the heroes defense. (edited)
2400 instead of 1500 attack on mobs on easy s4? - #6 by BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS

rectifying: it;s the same… boss did that… and now he does 900 dmg, so it is in the ‘a bit more’ parameters

On 29-8 easy, I suddenly noticed a dead hero. Lost another before deciding to use dragon attacks and get out of there. (Was worried 29-10 would be the same with Mack in there again, but that one was normal.)

@BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS will you edit OP with a list of stages please?



will do ,

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strange thing…
28-2 on hard was easier (was normal in terms of was not ‘a bit harder’) than 28-2 on easy… creating a bug topic now…

so I guess this chances the topic to… :facepunch: facepunch S4 surprise OP easy-normal stages tracking: 28-2; 29-8; 30-2,6

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Add 28-6 to the list


I did notice a boss wave mob I check did not have the increased attack

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20 mini bosses characters

More bugged stages where waves deal 550-600 against your fully emblemed heroes and a slash from the boss deals over 800. Whoever programmed the last part of season 4 should be fired.

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They said “works as intended”

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It makes zero sense!

Then its a perfect company for the S4 storyline sand its end….

Good luck on remaining S4 stages…